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Manual-Local education: State shortfall could add at least $900K to future district budget cuts
May 2, 10:07 AM:

Maricopa Unified Schools already have to cut $3 million from next year's budget, and now may have to cut another $500,000 to $1.4 million. Details options. None good. Realistic analysis of what may be on chopping block. >

Charter schools fall short of district schools in local, federal tax funds
May 2, 7:08 AM:

Thorough analysis of funding disparity for AZ charter schools. But parents still pleased with education that charters provide. What can be done to close the gap? Statewide stats on charter-school success could strengthen >

Education leaders talk about budget cuts
Apr 29, 10:49 AM:

AZ ed leaders hoping innovation and results-based funding can allow all to “preserve core mission.” That’s the right approach. More background on cuts would be helpful. Explore further how schools are spending less yet >

Arizona bill glitch could impact low-income scholarships
Apr 22, 7:03 AM:

New bill expanding private-school tuition tax credits may not target low-income students. No explanation how "glitch" got into bill, clear distinction between corporate and individual program requirements, likelihood of >

School choice advocates seek to revive tax credit proposal
Apr 20, 6:41 AM:

After AZ Gov vetoed changes to current tax credit system, legislators trying again with smaller tweaks to program -- smaller increases and changes to who can receive scholarships. Veto was a budget consideration, not ed. >

As enrollments drop across Arizona, schools disappear
Apr 18, 10:34 AM:

Tight budgets and falling enrollment force AZ districts to consider closing schools. In-depth look at tough issue, with emotional and community impact of closures. What other options do schools have for attracting >

9 closed TUSD school sites remain empty
Apr 15, 2:21 PM:

Nine schools still empty after being shut down last year for enrollment and budget reasons. Mention of charter school getting building, but no ink on details. What's up?

Arizona Opera reaching out to students with reduced arts programs
Apr 15, 11:55 AM:

In Phoenix, Arizona Opera has taken the lead in supplementing oft-cut arts education for students in the public schools. 

Field educators' and student reactions to the program; what impact is it wielding? This could >

Future unsure for drive to grow tuition tax credit
Apr 14, 8:37 AM:

AZ Gov Brewer vetoed measure expanding private school tuition tax credits, citing budget concerns. Details cost of credits, impact on budget and uncertain future. No reaction from school choice advocates, parents here.

Chandler avoids asking athletes to pay for play
Apr 13, 5:01 PM:

Cuts for library books, text books and school sports, called soft-capital cuts, plague Chandler district. Opening to investigate if district can run more efficiently and effectively, particularly on purchasing books.

High marks for online school
Apr 13, 12:32 PM:

AZ virtual charter helps one student who struggled with other school options. Thoughtful look at why once size doesn't fit all, but branch out beyond single example. Story behind cyber school tripling in size needs to be >

Ariz. gov vetoes expansions of school tax credits
Apr 13, 9:35 AM:

AZ Gov vetoes bill for tax credit programs but authorizes vouchers for special education students. Union considering court challenge. If battle were really about the kids, all avenues to quality education would be wide >

Two local charter schools receive grants for $230K for next 3 years
Apr 6, 3:35 PM:

Two charters get start-up grants. Two dozen applied, 11 selected, begging the question when do other 9 get their funds. Short, sweet, to point. Update when charters develop "school wide cultures of learning" to see >

Basis charter school opening in Peoria draws lots of interest
Apr 5, 3:04 PM:

Basis Peoria is the latest charter to open northwest of Phoenix. Parents want options -- there's a waiting list. Comprehensive look at choice landscape and how it makes traditional schools step up and compete. Tell us >

Committee advances budget
Apr 1, 5:09 PM:

AZ Gov says final state budget was a compromise  -- wanted to protect education funding more. Appropriations Chairman defends cuts, saying they aren't Draconian. Focus is on statewide budget cuts, but you couldn't at >

For Some Phoenix Officials, Retirement Is Just a Pay Supplement
Apr 1, 1:11 PM:

Story of Phoenix school super who retired one day and resurrected the next in the same job, but hired as a consultant. He got both a pension and a paycheck. . . from the same job. Pushback on state leaders to close the >

Arizona lawmakers pass budget plan with deep cuts
Mar 17, 12:20 PM:

State Senate approves deep cuts in K-12 (7%) and university spending (down 26%). Tales of the effects of tight budget are  anecdotal --  urban myths perhaps? Look at what state can do with less money, comparing per pupil >

Plan lets taxpayers to divert more of what they owe in taxes to private schools
Mar 9, 8:09 AM:

AZ Senate votes to boost by 50% taxpayer credits for donations to scholarships that help send kids to private schools -- while declining a family income cap for recipients. One senator claims the policy will save on >

Oversight of Arizona charter schools gets high marks
Mar 8, 6:45 AM:

A new report says oversight is getting better (was it worse?) and makes recommendations for how the state can continue to foster good schools through a variety of changes related to operations and funding. Are there >

Arizonas English immersion program could be unlawful
Feb 24, 12:27 PM:

ELL program battle in AZ. Academic research cited here supports failure of "draconian" 4-hour structured immersion program and helps claims that it's unconstitutional. Only vague quotes from state superintendent show >



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