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K-12 Dealmaking: Microschool Company Raises $20M; IXL Acquires Curiosity Media
Jun 21, 9:25 AM:

A company that offers small-group “microschools,” Prenda, raised $20 million aimed at helping grow its network in additional states, the company announced.

GOP plan to expand school vouchers to all 1.1 million students advances, but appears doomed
Jun 16, 9:43 AM: A proposal to let all 1.1 million Arizona students get taxpayer dollars to attend private school cleared a state legislative committee on Wednesday with Republican support, but it won’t have the votes needed to win >
Arizona lawmakers discuss expanding school voucher-style program
Jun 8, 10:04 AM: Under the ESA program, parents who pull their children from public schools receive money from the state that they can use for private school tuition, tutoring, learning materials or other educational purposes. >
House GOP Seeks School Funding Revamp, Voucher Expansion
Jun 7, 9:13 AM: Arizona House Republicans are working to finalize a deal that would substantially boost funding for K-12 public schools and enact a major expansion of the state’s private school voucher system.
Arizona Republicans' school funding rush job is a disaster waiting to happen
Mar 30, 6:37 AM: Republicans' rush job to overhaul the state's complex school funding formula to benefit charter schools is almost laughable. Or it would be, if it wasn't for the kids it'll hurt.
How COVID-19 pandemic magnified challenges for Arizona students not proficient in English
Mar 29, 9:29 AM: The challenges students faced when schools closed during the pandemic were magnified for students such as Fernanda whose first language is not English. English learners in Arizona are a large and growing group. >
School takeover bill provokes fierce debate in House committee
Mar 29, 8:26 AM: A bill that could force some 200 Arizona schools to close or seek new operators has at least temporarily stalled in the House Education Committee, despite opposition by many education advocates.
Last-minute K-12 funding overhaul clears House committee
Mar 29, 5:51 AM: An eleventh-hour proposal that would make sweeping changes to how Arizona schools are funded won Republican approval on a legislative panel Monday, despite the devastating budget cuts that critics say many schools will >
Micro Schools providing parents with alternative option for kids education
Mar 25, 8:20 AM: Most of us use our kitchens to cook, or maybe enjoy a meal, but others, like Stefanie Miller, are using theirs, as a classroom. They’re called Micro-Schools, a form of homeschooling with groups of up to ten kids. It’s >
Hip-hop artist Pitbull to open free public charter school in Mesa
Mar 18, 5:36 AM: Grammy-award winning artist Pitbull is opening a new, tuition-free public charter school in Mesa.
5 things you didn’t know about micro schools
Mar 16, 9:36 AM: Last year, micro schools were just a temporary stop-gap to provide social interaction for kids and child care coverage for parents until schools could reopen, but as families search for flexibility post-pandemic, micro >
Arizona kids not ready for standardized testing to return after COVID-19, teachers warn
Mar 16, 6:08 AM: Returning from what educators call "the hardest year yet" for catching up students whose school was disrupted during the pandemic, some Arizona teachers are worried about upcoming standardized testing.
​Governor Ducey announces start of AZ On Track Summer Camp
Mar 3, 7:25 AM: It's a huge undertaking, getting 250,000 public school children caught up in class. The COVID-19 pandemic did not discriminate. Our health, the economy, and our children's education were all impacted. >
ASU Prep director a trailblazer in education innovation
Mar 2, 8:51 AM: ASU Preparatory Academy and ASU Prep Digital Managing Director Julie Young has experienced a sea change in online education in the last few decades. Though her work has blazed trails in education, Young was always simply >
OpEd: Arizona must free Black students from failing schools. Here's how we do it
Mar 1, 9:22 AM: As another Black History Month comes to an end and we reflect on the sacrifices made in the past by so many in our country, no sacrifice is as valued in the Black community as those that allowed Black people to be properly >
Three new voucher bills appear despite voters
Mar 1, 9:15 AM: The Arizona state senate last week approved three bills that would make more than 80% of the state’s students eligible for taxpayer payments to cover the cost of private school or home schooling.
Column: Let all Arizona students qualify for a private school voucher
Feb 25, 9:27 AM: If 85% of students would qualify under a new proposal, columinist Robert Robb says, just simplify it and offer school vouchers to all.
State Senate approves massive expansion of private school vouchers
Feb 25, 9:22 AM: The Arizona Senate last week approved three bills that would make more than 80% of the state’s students eligible for taxpayer payments to cover the cost of private school or home schooling.
Black mothers in Phoenix create microschools to provide alternative learning
Feb 23, 9:18 AM: Five years ago, a group of African American women in Phoenix called the Black Mothers Forum came together because they wanted to create a safe and supportive learning environment for their children — something they felt >
GOP-led Arizona Senate OKs huge school voucher expansion
Feb 17, 9:06 AM: Arizona’s Republican-controlled Senate approved a massive expansion of the state’s school voucher system on Wednesday, a contentious proposal the sponsor says is aimed at low-income students but that also adds wealthier >



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