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Opinion: Pandemic offers fresh look at education
Jan 21, 8:45 AM: Three years ago, the education conversation in Arizona was sinking into firm trench lines between the #REDforED movement and education reform advocates. When the coronavirus pandemic struck, it brought not just disruption >
Ducey’s voucher program if Arizona schools close classrooms is now open
Jan 18, 8:42 AM: The portal for qualifying Arizona families to sign up for vouchers if their schools pause in-person learning is now open, Gov. Doug Ducey announced Friday.
Why families and teachers are turning to micro schools
Jan 18, 7:26 AM: Micro schools are gaining popularity in the Phoenix area as families search for flexibility and teachers express overwhelming stress due to conditions brought on by the pandemic and the never-ending coronavirus variants. >
Arizona teacher’s union blasts Ducey’s state-of-the-state address
Jan 12, 7:01 AM: Arizona’s largest teacher’s union is blasting Gov. Doug Ducey’s state-of-the-state address Monday. They say he offered no plan or support to keep schools open for in-person learning amid the state’s highest recorded >
Adamo micro school enrolling FH students
Jan 12, 6:43 AM: Micro schools gained traction in Arizona in 2020 and 2021 as schools closed for the pandemic. Tamara Becker, Founder and CEO of Adamo Education, said she wants to ensure that families still have flexible education options >
Gov. Ducey talks learning loss, school choice, more in final State of the State
Jan 11, 10:01 AM: For nearly 10 minutes, the governor pushed to expand school choices in “any way possible,” slammed critical race theory and called for greater transparency and openness when it comes to what kids are learning. >
Arizona offering families up to $7k for issues stemming from school closures
Jan 5, 9:26 AM: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday announced a new program that will give qualifying families who are struggling with unexpected school closures up to $7,000 for children's educational needs.
Microschools grow exponentially amid pandemic in Arizona
Dec 22, 8:08 AM: Our Learning Curve series continues as we look at a new trend that’s taken off for thousands of K-8th grade students across Arizona. They’re called "Microschools," and they were around before the pandemic, but have now >
Microschooling’s Growth In Arizona Is No Surprise
Dec 16, 9:05 AM: The Roman philosopher Seneca is quoted as saying that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” When the coronavirus hit Arizona and parents were looking for options outside of their closed traditional >
Arizona expanding school choice by reimagining school transportation system
Dec 9, 6:51 AM: Gov. Ducey and legislators began that process this year with approval of a $20 million competitive grant program. The pilot will enable district and charter schools, local governments and non-profit groups to submit >
Guest commentary: School choice is the key to better education for kids
Nov 24, 9:08 AM: I do believe very strongly that if we truly care about our children in America, then we need to offer each one of them a very high-quality education, whether it be in a public, private, charter or parochial school. >
Ducey heralded funding vouchers to avoid COVID-19 restrictions in schools. The reality is much different
Nov 23, 7:35 AM: Gov. Doug Ducey earmarked $10 million in federal funds for the vouchers and said “we’re going to bolster it up to meet the need” of so many applications.  Three months later, the Governor’s Office has approved just 93 of >
Study: Arizona school-choice measures saved taxpayers $1.2B
Nov 18, 10:43 AM: Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program has saved taxpayers more than $1 billion and as much as $3.2 billion, according to a national study on school-choice programs.
Governor Ducey Invests $1.25 Million To Support Mentorship, Family Programs
Nov 10, 9:51 AM: Governor Doug Ducey announced an investment of $1.25 million to support mentorship programs for at-risk youth and training programs for parents of underrepresented families.
Opinion: Local Control and Parental Involvement Make For Good Schools
Oct 28, 5:39 AM: At some level, Attorney General Merrick Garland can be excused for being ignorant about two of the most important influences in determining successful schools. However, teachers in all schools should feel embarrassed for >
Charter Schools in Arizona Employ Flexibility and Innovation to See Record Enrollment.
Oct 26, 5:25 AM: This fall marks 27 years since the first public charter schools opened in the Grand Canyon state and, despite the uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic over the last 18 months, charter schools in Arizona are >
Covid relief money to fund new teacher program
Oct 26, 5:08 AM: A graduate residency program is the latest effort to chip away at state's teacher shortage and combat high turnover.
Scholarships given to low-income families, students living with disabilities
Oct 19, 8:10 AM: Academic Opportunity of Arizona, a non-profit group, awarded hundreds of full-tuition scholarships to lift the financial burden of private school, providing more opportunities for children from low-income families or those >
Traditional public or charter schools? Tucson area parents discuss their experiences
Oct 19, 5:33 AM: It’s one of the biggest decisions that parents can make: where to send their children to school? In Arizona, parents often choose between traditional public schools and charter schools. Both are public schools, funded by >
Feds tell Ducey he can't use COVID money for anti-mask grants
Oct 6, 9:24 AM: COVID grant dollars cannot be used to penalize schools that impose mask mandates, a key federal official is telling Gov. Doug Ducey.



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