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Parents say cut to âperformanceâ scholarships breaks promise
Mar 24, 9:42 AM:

Budget issues worry parents who want to keep scholarship program for state U and early childhood programs. What's success rate of both programs -- worth fighting for? Look at cutting admin, ineffective teachers. 

State Board of Education talks graduation, legislation
Mar 18, 3:03 PM:

Education Board reviews special ed and other issues surrounding AK High School Graduation Exam, but doesn't want to abandon only accountability measure "in this day and age of accountability" without a replacement. How >

Task force makes education recommendations
Mar 11, 1:53 PM:

20 education leaders have come up with 63 recommendations to improve education in AK. It took them "months of meetings" to do this. Looking at some of their suggestions -- examining how prevalent is bullying and need for >

Measure would raise high school dropout age to 17
Feb 15, 9:58 AM:

Effort to raise attendance age sparks debate about how to best support disconnected youth. Lots of reasons given for why the numbers are increasing, and little attention paid to examining how successful schools address >

Fairbanks North Star Borough releases achievement gap report
Feb 7, 1:07 PM:

Alaskans in Fairbank received good news about their school performance.  Where did they get this assessment tool? Wonder if other states are using similar comparative research to close the acheivement gap.

Schools and prisons - Which do we want the state of Alaska investing in?
Feb 4, 11:57 AM:

Denying requests for more education funding could mean increase in incarcerated Alaskans. Lawmakers reluctant to give more, but you could've dug deeper as to why- not sure if anything else is being done to help dropouts. >

Legislative school allies scale back hopes
Feb 3, 11:47 AM:

Education funding can't keep up with inflation and in this lacking article it doesn't offer any incite into exactly how the funding issue will be addressed. Money isn't the only issue here, look at other options.

Fairbanks school board evaluates borough progress on secondary school reform
Jan 20, 11:14 AM:

The School Board in Fairbanks Alaska is looking for creative solutions to advance secondary education. It is great to see the school system looking at high school level career programs, it is not clear if the goal of >



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