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House to consider expansion of Alabama Accountability Act scholarship tax credits
Mar 18, 5:39 AM: Earlier this legislative session, a bill sponsored by State Sen. Del Marsh (R-Anniston) to create education savings accounts to follow students to the schools of their parents’ choice failed to gain traction in the >
Alabama’s ‘Ultimate School Choice’ Bill Gets Complicated When Considering Race and Poverty
Mar 10, 8:46 AM: The Parents’ Choice Act is outgoing Republican Sen. Del Marsh’s Hail Mary for education reform. SB140 has been dubbed the “ultimate school choice” bill because it would give participating parents $5,600 per kid in state >
Alabama schools investing $434M in COVID aid on athletic complexes, weight rooms, ‘zen rooms’
Mar 4, 9:51 AM:

Alabama schools plan to invest more in facilities with the final round of federal COVID relief funding than in any other category of spending.

Alabama lawmakers working to improve math skills in elementary schools, but some teachers not on board with new bill
Mar 4, 6:43 AM: The bill would give more resources to students in K-5th grade to help with low math scores, but officials with the teachers union said the bill is unfair to administrators.
Bill would allow for-profit training for Alabama teachers, cut certificate time
Mar 1, 9:20 AM: Alabama lawmakers are considering new ways to make it easier to become a teacher with hopes of easing teacher shortages in some areas of the state.
Lawmakers call bipartisan group as Alabama school choice bill stalls
Feb 28, 6:56 AM: Alabama lawmakers on Wednesday held the first of what they say will be a series of meetings to discuss how to improve the state’s public schools, including expanding school choice and consideration of how the state funds >
School choice proposal goes to study group
Feb 22, 7:05 AM: A school choice bill that could give parents $5,500 in state funds to send a child to private school is headed to a study group for negotiations after opposition from some education organizations and lawmakers. >
Controversial school choice bill hits rocky road in the Alabama Legislature
Feb 18, 7:19 AM: Alabama legislative leaders will send a controversial school choice bill to a study commission, a sign of the difficulties it faces in an election-year session.
School choice supporters rally for bill
Feb 16, 9:10 AM: The steps of the Alabama State House on Tuesday looked a bit like a classroom as students from private, charter and homeschools and their parents and teachers rallied for more school choice options.
Alabama school choice bill runs into surprising opposition – homeschool parents
Feb 15, 9:57 AM: Architects of legislation that would allow parents to opt out of the public school system and take their tax dollars with them has run into a surprising group of opponents – homeschool parents.
Nearly a quarter of students enrolling in AL colleges need remedial classes
Feb 14, 9:58 AM: Not everyone who gets into college is prepared for college-level math or English classes. According to the latest data from the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, 24% of students enrolling in a public Alabama college >
Alabama lawmakers spend $772 million in five days, but can’t empower parents to improve education
Feb 10, 10:11 AM: Alabama’s public education has been among the worst in the nation for decades. Successfully changing that reality has proven elusive for lawmakers. Democrats blame Republicans for inadequate funding. Republicans blame >
Alabama education savings account ‘Parent’s Choice’ bill advances from committee
Feb 3, 10:03 AM: A bill to give Alabama state funding to an individual family’s public, private or homeschool option of choice advanced from the Senate Education Policy committee Wednesday on a voice vote recorded as five yeses, three no’s >
Alabama lawmakers eye creation of ‘ultimate’ parent choice, education savings legislation
Feb 1, 6:57 AM: Sen. Del Marsh, R-Anniston, on Tuesday will file what he calls the “ultimate” school choice bill. The proposed bill would allow parents to access money that the state would have used to pay for their child’s public >
Charter school enrollment increases in Alabama as experts debate long-term impact
Jan 31, 8:54 AM: In Montgomery, many politicians are again backing policies that might expand publicly-funded school options and so-called parental choice options for families, after an open enrollment expansion failed last year. Gov. Kay >
An LGBT-Friendly Charter School in the Heart of Alabama Shows the Power and Flexibility of School Choice
Jan 31, 6:42 AM: Homewood in Alabama is a suburb of Birmingham that offers excellent examples of charter schools reaching students struggling to succeed in traditional public schools.
Marsh bringing ‘mother of all school choice bills’
Jan 31, 6:09 AM: State Sen. Del Marsh said he’s filing “the mother of all school choice bills” and expects it to get approval in its first committee on Wednesday.
Birmingham teachers union plans mass sickout as teachers, parents worry about COVID safety
Jan 26, 9:13 AM: The potential “sickout,” as it’s being called, comes after a large number of employee absences last week due to the virus. The district reported a record-high 409 positive cases to the Alabama Department of Public Health >
Birmingham denies charter school application from Memphis organization
Jan 26, 9:00 AM: Birmingham’s near-unanimous vote to reject a charter school application from Freedom Preparatory Academy, a charter network out of Memphis, marks the sixth rejection from the system since Alabama enacted its charter law in >
AFT confirms BCS teachers, staff were planning walkout amid rising COVID cases
Jan 25, 8:46 AM: WBRC received an anonymous tip Sunday night saying teachers and staff were planning a walkout Monday in response to the growing number of COVID cases among students, teachers, and staff.



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