About Bullpen Scores

 Home Run

Great: “This is awesome! Yes, s/he gets it!”
Clear and accurate, nothing missing; any quotes stats are accurate and used in the correct way, portrayed in the correct light. Gives insight into an issue.


Really Good: Nodding your head.
All the facts are cited and used correctly. Well-written and presented. 


Good: “It’s good. I might have said it a different way or talked about___.”
Primarily right—a solid or really good effort. May need slight clarification or a small piece of additional info but their main conclusions are good. 


So-so: “Meh. OK.” On the fence.
Cited some facts correctly but got some other things wrong or taken out of context or had major omissions. Got more than one thing right but several things wrong.

 Pop Fly

Not good: “Got a piece of it but way off base...”
Primarily incorrect. One or two issues have been identified but more wrong than right. Misses critical information; leaves out important details; and/or takes facts/statements out of context. The conclusions are invalid. 

 Strike Out

No: “Wrong! No!” —or— “Eh, not so much.”
Are you kidding me? Completely wrong. Anything in here that is right is taken in the wrong context. The conclusions are invalid.

Here's how the scores work.

Each rating is given a numeric value and then the Media Bullpen calculates up-to-the minute scores:

  • At Bats - Total number of articles that have received a given rating today.
  • All-Time Batting Average - The all-time batting average of the media since the inception of the Media Bullpen.
  • Reliability - The reliability of the media on a particular tag, state, or region.