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School 2.0: How has the pandemic changed learning?
Sep 23, 7:37 AM:

Scholars, policy makers, and school leaders have advocated for using the global health crisis as an opportunity to rethink and reinvent how education works in the United States, so that fewer gaps exist between kids of different >

School book bans surged this year, per PEN America report
Sep 19, 10:10 AM:

According to a report from PEN America released Monday, a book ban was enacted in an American school district every 3½ hours between July 2021 and July 2022.

Wanted: Teachers. No training necessary.
Sep 14, 5:22 AM:

Some states now permit people to teach without finishing college in certain cases, and many increasingly rely on substitutes — who are usually not required to have college degrees — to fill teaching jobs full-time. >

Edtech Company Encourages Its Employees to Volunteer as Substitute Teachers
Sep 14, 5:11 AM:

Schools across the country are dealing with a severe teacher shortage.

That shortage has become so desperate at times that state governments have even started letting their employees take paid time off to plug in the holes in >

DC community leaders asking tutors to help students catch up after pandemic learning loss
Sep 14, 5:06 AM:

The return to class this fall comes with concerns that students have lost a lot of information since the pandemic.

School and community members both believe that tutoring and mentoring are ways that can help students make the >

N.O. 500 Survey: What’s Working and What Isn’t at NOLA Public Schools?
Aug 12, 10:03 AM:

As part of her 100-day plan, new NOLA Public Schools Superintendent Avis Williams has been asking members of the community what they think is working in the city’s schools and what needs to change. We posed the question to >

LEARN charter network starts the school year ahead of Chicago schools
Aug 9, 8:38 AM:

The North Lawndale school is one of seven in the LEARN Charter School Network, which usually starts classes in early August and a few weeks ahead of Chicago Public Schools, which this year, starts on Aug. 22. LEARN serves >

Thanks, But No Thanks: Why Teachers Don’t Want to Be Administrators
Jul 26, 9:18 AM:

The move from standout teacher to administrative leader may seem like a no brainer: better pay, a private office, more influence. But not everyone sees it that way.

National teacher shortage: One-third of educators plan to leave job, survey finds
Jul 26, 8:59 AM:

More teachers are planning to leave the education field due to dissatisfaction in their job — adding to the persistent crisis of teacher shortages across the United States.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) member >

NM takes aim at achievement gap
Jul 26, 8:46 AM:

In New Mexico, where the correlation between high poverty and low literacy has been clear for decades, the state is funding a number of programs and initiatives designed to close the achievement gap between advantaged and >

Why Putting the ‘Science of Reading’ Into Practice Is So Challenging
Jul 21, 8:03 AM:

North Carolina is one of more than two dozen states that have embarked on an attempt to radically transform reading instruction over the past few years. The goal is to bring instruction in line with the decades of research on how >



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