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Wanted: Teachers. No training necessary.
Sep 14, 5:22 AM:

Some states now permit people to teach without finishing college in certain cases, and many increasingly rely on substitutes — who are usually not required to have college degrees — to fill teaching jobs full-time. >

Edtech Company Encourages Its Employees to Volunteer as Substitute Teachers
Sep 14, 5:11 AM:

Schools across the country are dealing with a severe teacher shortage.

That shortage has become so desperate at times that state governments have even started letting their employees take paid time off to plug in the holes in >

America’s crushing teacher shortage
Aug 8, 11:03 AM:

The beginning of the school year is quickly approaching but thousands of teaching positions remain unfilled

‘Never seen it this bad’: America faces catastrophic teacher shortage
Aug 3, 8:15 AM:

The teacher shortage in America has hit crisis levels — and school officials everywhere are scrambling to ensure that, as students return to classrooms, someone will be there to educate them.

MSCS reports over 200 teacher vacancies three weeks before school starts
Jul 21, 7:40 AM:

MSCS officials attributed the decrease in teacher vacancies to a new state law allowing retired educators to return to the profession without losing their retirement benefits, as well as the district’s “extensive work” on teacher >

Teaching college enrollment has plummeted. The NC Teaching Fellows program is fueling limited growth
Jul 18, 7:59 AM: Education majors fell since the recession, classroom vacancies are now soaring
Ocean Hill charter school introduces educator fellowship to curb teacher shortage
Jun 9, 7:17 AM: A charter school in Ocean Hill is hoping to reverse the nationwide teacher shortage problem with a program to prepare college students for future teaching roles.
Audit: Teachers in New Orleans are less likely to be certified
Jun 8, 10:08 AM: Teachers in Orleans Parish are over four times more likely to be uncertified than teachers throughout Louisiana, according to a recent report from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.
Colorado teacher prep programs saw an “exodus” when COVID hit
Jun 7, 8:09 AM: As Colorado’s teacher pipeline trickles, more of the state’s new educators are taking charge of classrooms while still learning how to teach.
Teacher shortages continue. Here’s what New Jersey is doing to make it easier to hire more
Jun 6, 8:47 AM:

New Jersey is relaxing teacher certification requirements and implementing laws to make it easier for public schools to hire teachers, but that will not fix an ongoing teacher shortage in the state, a new report warns.

Higher education working to provide more teachers
Oct 20, 8:34 AM: "We think that’s the key,” Peduto said of student teaching. “Because so many teachers ... drop out within the first three years. And it’s mostly because they don’t feel prepared. They haven’t learned the practical side of things, >
Pandemic prompts changes in how future teachers are trained
Aug 10, 3:29 PM: Before last year, a one-credit technology course for students pursuing master’s degrees in education at the University of Washington wasn’t seen as the program’s most relevant. Then COVID-19 hit, schools plunged into remote >
First-Time Pass Rates on Teacher Licensure Exams Were Secret Until Now. See the Data
Jul 21, 2:45 PM: In many professions, including law and nursing, the percentage of candidates who pass a licensing exam on their first try is routinely reported. But that data for the teaching profession hasn’t been made public—until >
Column: Remote learning changing the face of teacher education
Jan 18, 8:27 AM: When Governor J.B. Pritzker ordered all Illinois schools into remote learning back in March, Western Illinois University’s School of Education director Eric Sheffield said his reaction was one of disappointment.
‘We need teachers.’ USF, districts at odds over College of Education cuts.
Oct 28, 5:07 AM: The university stands by its decision to phase out undergraduate education programs and train teachers in new ways. Pinellas school officials urge them to reconsider.
California school districts struggled to prepare teachers for distance learning this fall
Oct 13, 7:59 AM: Many California school districts offered a wide variety of training over the summer to prepare teachers for distance learning in the fall, but some struggled to offer enough to meet the needs of all teachers, leaving many to find >
Missouri Board of Education to consider proposal intended to boost substitute teacher population
Aug 13, 7:10 AM: Currently, substitutes must complete at least 60 semester hours of college-level credit to get a license. Tyler Madsen, DESE Assistant Director of Communications, says the state Board of Education could decide Tuesday whether to >
Nation’s First Apprenticeship for Public School Teachers debuts with Norristown School Distric
Apr 25, 7:10 AM: Norristown Area School District is fully on board with the first-of-its-kind registered apprenticeship program to train K-12 public school teachers to further develop their skills that was recently unveiled by Governor Tom >
How Local Universities Are Working To Retain More Teachers Amidst A Statewide Shortage
Dec 26, 8:31 AM: Since 2009, the number of newly-issued in-state instructional teaching certificates has dropped by 71 percent, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The department also reports that since 1996, the number of >
Doctor inspires a new way to train teachers — and a new kind of school
Jul 23, 6:33 AM: In its place, they’re creating a new method — one based on the way doctors are trained — that will extend teacher training through their first three years on the job, supporting them as they take on the daunting responsibility of >



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