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PA Mulls Ed Savings Plan
Feb 10, 10:20 AM:

Gov. Corbett proposed budget manuvers saving $337 million in ed via yet-to-be-distributed federal funds.  Debate about what to do with that savings the next fiscal year is abound.  Lacks views of ed spending opponents. >

Working with Less
Feb 9, 12:58 PM:

IA lawmakers voted to for 0% funding growth for districts after an unfunded 2% the previous year. Fiscal efficiency aside,  an examination of ways districts might cope and the potential downside for the school system and local >

Tough Times for New Programs
Feb 9, 11:56 AM:

NJ School districts await their budgets, while they await on new programs. Thorough and exenstive coverage given to a number of specific schools, new programs that are to be rolled out.

Change in ID.
Feb 8, 11:28 AM:

Improving schools districts is a painful process for everyone involved, as highlighted here. Great attention given to the way each party can fight for the status quo in education.

Fl. Voucher Expansion
Feb 7, 2:05 PM:

Florida is promoting their new voucher program to low-income students. The plan is to market to a different group of students that need more help. While informative, statistics seem conflicting in the article about how this will >

Does Virtual Education Work?
Feb 7, 2:02 PM:

Some Utah school districts scale back their virtual education programs. What's missing is how effective these programs really are.


Teaching English in Nashville
Feb 7, 2:01 PM:

Nashville Schools, as they have done in the past, took additional students into their English Language Learners program. The program is wildly successful. What's their secret? 

Four Utica, NY school districts look at possible Mega-Merger
Feb 4, 10:35 AM:

Going over logistics: budgets, numbers, transportation, etc., is good and necessary, but what about the big picture? Should we not spend time to think about how this merger might affect students and their capability to learn, >

Idaho Schools Confront the Internet Era
Feb 3, 4:27 PM:

Faced with lean budgets, Idaho public schools are embracing laptops and other high tech tools. Good to see that some districts are using the tough times as a springboard for creative reform. 

Equity for S.C. Charters?

Feb 3, 10:24 AM:

A bill in S.C. would force sch. districts to spend some of their funds on charters. Article gives the two sides but it does not state the key issue. Is it more important that the money follows the kids or stays under the control >

Kentucky Bill Aims To Increase Flexibility For School Districts
Feb 2, 10:26 AM:

Short piece on bill that would grant funding & scheduling flexibility to opt-in Kentucky school districts. Reader left wondering how, if at all, this flexibility will improve student achievement.

Rhee’s Successor Not A Clone
Jan 31, 12:24 PM:

Reading this inciteful article gives a balanced and detailed account of what Kaya Henderson plans to bring to DC as their interim Chancellor.  It describes just how Henderson plans to maintain and even undo some of Rhee's >

Lingering Questions

Jan 26, 2:55 PM:

What progress, if any, had the high schools made under the principals who are being sent to other schools? Do they deserve to be given new schools? These questions need to be examined. 

Foundations: A Dissent-ing Opinion

Jan 20, 10:11 AM:

Barkan claims grant-making foundation are making a mess of American K-12 education. Yet, as America spends more money on public schooling than other developed countries, the achievement of American students remains flat. Charter >



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