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Missing Story Behind Declining Enrollment
Feb 28, 10:07 AM:

Parents of students at under-enrolled NC elementary voice concerns of deficient resources to Wake Co. Superintendent. Reversal of diversity policy exacerbates issue, but no info on why enrollment declining prior to move. Would've >

See You In Court
Feb 28, 8:51 AM:

Constitutionality of vouchers should HB 1003 pass is subject of debate right now. Full analysis of legal issues and other state's experiences provide insights, but it's clear groups will be poised to oppose the program on any >

Accusations Fly Over Chicago Charters
Feb 25, 1:16 PM:

Mediator called in to address Penn Elementary's claim that KIPP Ascend Charter inflates enrollment to get more space in the building the two schools share. J.N. Thorp Elementary complains charter gets preferential treatment, >

District Eyes Almond Grove Options
Feb 25, 12:02 PM:

CA's Oakley Union Elementary School District approves a contract with San Joaquin County Office of Education to explore opening Almond Grove Elementary for 2012-13. San Joaquin's success with several programs prompted Oakley's >

Vacaville CA School Closing
Feb 25, 11:17 AM:

Vacaville District in CA is closing Sierra Vista Elementary School and redrawing boundaries to incorporate SIerra Vista's 292 students into three surrounding schools. Facilities director says this will not adversely affect >

Likely Impact, Not Just Numbers
Feb 25, 9:44 AM:

Reedsport, OR, School District town hall discusses deep school budget cuts for the coming year. Expected: $800,000 from last year's budget, forcing furloughs, cuts in staff and student activities. Report student achievement >

Strange News On Newark
Feb 25, 9:12 AM:

Questions raised about private donations raised to match the $100 million gift from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to assist reform efforts in Newark. Subtle questions raised about much-publicized actions and funders. While people >

Bus. Steps In Ruffles School Board Feathers
Feb 25, 9:01 AM:

Business leaders tired of watching kids fail jump into the ring in Jacksonville, FL. Catylysts are 4 failing schools. Suggest setting up independent board to hire/fire principals, teachers, and school staff. Also wants new board >

Criminalizing Parent Concern
Feb 25, 8:02 AM:

The Assoc. Press' take on the issue of Kelley Williams-Bolar's district-jumping move to enroll her daughters in a better, safer school district. Attempting to identify whether it's a trend, the report falls short of getting into >

Opposition to Indiana Reforms
Feb 24, 11:00 AM:

Indiana legislature is moving on a comprehensive education reform package that includes school choice and teacher evaluations. Two sides to every debate, but this article reflects only special interest bias. Strike out.

Shelby Consolidation Scramble
Feb 24, 9:33 AM:

Amid litigation over school consolidation with Memphis, the Shelby County Commission plans to create a transition school board for the two districts and redraws district lines to prevent school board members from competing for >

Newark Plan Needed
Feb 22, 12:34 PM:

Newark faces complicated restructuring, potentially impacting thousands of students, aimed at more efficient use of facilities as district plans for new charter and trad public schools. Consultant's planning document not final, >

FL Grade Deflation
Feb 22, 11:23 AM:

FL public school grading system leaves a few charters unhappy boasting high test scores and graduation rates, but low state grades. School districts admit to leaving out key data. Deadline to appeal grades comes before schools >

Gov Looks to Charters
Feb 14, 12:46 PM:

Case of OH enrollment fraud lauches debate on providing more school vouchers with Gov calling it civil rights issue. Supports trad public schools and wants more charters but what is needed here are specifics on proposals.  >

Budgets for All Seasons
Feb 14, 11:15 AM:

Lots of numbers and what-if planning among CA school districts to as-yet-undetermined 2011-2012 budgets.  Missing: Concrete ideas for guaranteeing academic progress for students whatever the budget hits. 

Impending Battle for AL Ed Funds
Feb 11, 1:34 PM:

Thorough coverage points to holes in ed budget that may lead to larger classes after fed funds dry up. State supt. says 5.6% k-12 increase needed just to stay open while higher-ed community pleads for more support. 

Little Local Opinion on District Dissolution
Feb 11, 11:47 AM:

Piling debt forces Little Miami School District to contemplate dissolution and attempts to gain concensus in district have fallen short.  New tax seen as only solution.  Local response needed for complete picture. >

OH Mom Felony Questioned
Feb 11, 10:52 AM:

Much-publicized case covered given a new spin; that it's about being black. Woman treated as a criminal for seeking what "whites have taken for granted," i.e., good schools. But what other options are or should be available to >

Democracy in Education
Feb 11, 10:30 AM:

Lots of local ID school leaders show up to tell state to lay off, that they are fine, thank you. Others back proposed reforms. Reporter calls it democracy. A more comprehensive report on the hearing is in order and what reforms, >

Challenging Chancellor Black

Photo by NYC Schools
Feb 10, 12:50 PM:

Some NYers challenge Mayor Bloomberg's new schools chancellor, Cathie Black. Lack of experience, they say. Who are these challengers and what is their interest? Report the interests involved and the reason she was selected. >



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