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Jumping Though Hoops
Mar 8, 12:29 PM:

Proposed CA charter petitions county board after application is denied by district over its ties to a year-old low-scoring charter with similar academic approach. Petition also found lacking in key items, such as middle school >

Non-Renewal Notices Flow
Mar 8, 10:14 AM:

District in WI issues non-renewal notices to entire staff of 80 teachers to comply with notice agreements made with the union. Depending on final state budget outcome, their positions can be restored. Not the first district to >

Close Memphis Can of Worms
Mar 8, 10:13 AM:

Memphis debate over city school consolidation with Shelby County and worries about potentially higher taxes. Would be helpful to know more about how past city/county consolidations impacted both general taxes and property taxes >

Amplify One-School Districts
Mar 7, 10:52 AM:

Illinois' Gov. Quinn proposes plan to consolidate state's more than 860 school districts, including 200 administering only one school. State Board of Ed "carefully" considering plan. In a time of tight budgets, what is the reason >

“Show Me The Money!”
Mar 7, 7:28 AM:

Scrutiny over superintendents' salaries in OK. One district under fire for proposed closings and layoffs, but reporting thinks comparing other districts' administrative costs is sufficient without mentioning anything about school >

Ramblin’ in Chicago
Mar 7, 6:15 AM:

A look at the changes in district leadership, problems allegedly caused by outgoing schools chief and plans to fix things under new interim schools chief are the heart of this piece -- maybe. Charters might get cut, new reforms >

Admission Decision Dilemma
Mar 4, 12:59 PM:

Difficulty of admission process for Chicago's 9 elite college prep public schools underscores demand for high-quality education. Do these schools, in fact, produce higher-achieving kids than other city schools? What specifically >

Budgets Not Bigger in Texas
Mar 4, 8:06 AM:

Budget deficit in Houston forcing tough decisions. Magnet programs could close, schools could be consolidated and bus schedules changed. Parents take each proposed change personally because it affects their child. Other changes >

Daley Swan Song
Mar 4, 7:48 AM:

School reform and its challenges under outgoing Chicago Mayor reviewed, with honest appraisal of progress made for an issue he considers central to city-wide improvement. Could have used more on how schools performed there before >

Radio Ad Says What?
Mar 4, 7:18 AM:

Albany, NY school board votes to make interim superintendent permanent, which is being criticized by school reformers, but rather than learn why reformers are upset, all you'd know from reading this is that the guy has years of >

Student Shuffle
Mar 3, 4:15 PM:

USDA tells NC county it can't use subsidized lunch data to assign students. Told that 70 districts across the U.S. still employ socioeconomic stratification, but no mention of impact. Hullabaloo over technicalities distracts from >

Finding A Balance
Mar 3, 12:34 PM:

Canon City School District in CO is bracing for budget cuts and argues that they are being taken back 10 years, financially speaking. With continued enrollment declines, the only arguments for more money are teacher raises and >

Tricks of the Trade
Mar 3, 11:53 AM:

Analysis of 2010 salary data for Orange County, CA, public school teachers and staff shows just how much the district spends on payroll alone. Highlights perks such as tutoring sessions and vacation cashouts bringing average >

Muffling the Parents
Mar 3, 10:38 AM:

Edinburg, TX, officials to rezone, send kids to different schools to take advantage of new facilities and balance student-teacher ratios. Those ratios need to be questioned in light of school performance in this city. How are the >

Uncertain Why Defending Consolidation
Mar 2, 4:43 PM:

Announcement that IL Gov. still stands by proposal to merge school districts to save money, since 200 of them contain only one school. Short piece brings up a myriad of questions: Is someone challenging Gov's position? Who and >

No Closure on a Failing School
Mar 2, 9:59 AM:

Failing NYC elementary slated for closure until Dem. State Sen. John Sampson got the Education Dept. to reverse course and plan for a school turnaround. But if $1 million in the past three years for math/literacy coaches and >

Philly Folly?
Mar 2, 8:03 AM:

Philly Superintendent Arlene Ackerman received a 1-year extension so she can focus on fixing the school system. Test scores and graduation rates have improved -- uh, how did she make that happen and what exactly is the strategic >

Pulling Trigger On Officials
Mar 2, 7:42 AM:

Wall Street Journal sheds critical light on Compton Unified and CA board's attempts to take down parent trigger law. Calls out actions for serving adult interests when students should really be at the heart of efforts. >

District’s Molassas Move On Violence
Mar 2, 6:20 AM:

Got a violence problem, write a report.  Then get lots of people to say things like "system-wide problems require system-wide solutons." Maybe that's the problem. Violence isn't occurring in central office, but in the schools. >

Schools and Rules in NYC
Mar 2, 5:47 AM:

Full disclosure of dysfunction of one school gives glimpse into how bad schools can survive for so long. Despite changes made by new Chancellor Black to turn around the particular school in the story, Mayor must still fight for >



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