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School 2.0: How has the pandemic changed learning?
Sep 23, 7:37 AM:

Scholars, policy makers, and school leaders have advocated for using the global health crisis as an opportunity to rethink and reinvent how education works in the United States, so that fewer gaps exist between kids of different >

Hispanic interest growing for Michigan’s schools of choice
Sep 23, 7:31 AM:

Hispanic parents nationally are increasingly investigating alternatives to traditional public schools, according to a survey released this week by Conoce tus Opciones Escolares.

New school choice coalition in Wisconsin looks to expand education options
Sep 23, 7:27 AM:

A number of the state’s conservative groups, school choice groups, and the state’s largest business group are launching a new effort to expand school choice options in the state.

Arizona school choice expansion debate continues
Sep 22, 9:25 AM:

Under the expansion, any K-12 student in Arizona, who opts out of public school, would get roughly $7,000 to use each year for private school tuition, home education, tutors, or any other approved educational expense.

Learning loss continues to manifest
Sep 22, 9:17 AM:

Test scores released this month showed 72% of students failed to meet California math standards, worse by 5 percentage points from the pre-pandemic school year of 2018-19. For English standards, 58% failed to meet state >

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kalus pledges to revamp education testing in R.I.
Sep 22, 9:11 AM:

During the 2020-2021 school year, only 33 percent of students in grades three through eight were considered proficient in English language arts and 20 percent were doing math at grade level. Results for the last school year are >

Oregon Moms Union’s ‘legislative priorities’ call for school choice measures and parental rights
Sep 22, 9:07 AM:

The leader of the union said, 'After years of saying no to parents, it’s far time for elected leaders to find ways to say yes'

KIPP Indy’s first graduation will mark historic moment for neighborhood
Sep 22, 9:03 AM:

KIPP Indy’s Class of 2023 will be the first to graduate from the school, which is in Indianapolis’ Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood, a historically working-class Black area of the city.

In union-stronghold Pennsylvania, Democratic nominee supports school choice
Sep 21, 10:12 AM:

Support for more education funding isn’t a rarity among Democrats nationally, but a Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee is standing out for his support of school choice.

LePage unveils education reforms and a ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’
Sep 20, 9:38 AM:

LePage, a Republican who is seeking a third nonconsecutive term as governor, is also calling for “true school choice” so public education funds follow students to “a public school, private school, charter school, or parochial >

16,000 Idaho families to receive money from Empowering Parents Program
Sep 20, 9:32 AM:

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted educational learning across the country, Idaho included. As teachers, parents and guardians move to help students recover from this learning loss, they need access to additional support. The >

Majority of Texas voters favor school voucher programs, DMN/UT-Tyler poll finds
Sep 19, 10:06 AM:

Most Texas voters want voucher-like programs that allow state funding to be used to send children to private schools, according to a new poll from The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler.

Vermont’s top education official says school districts cannot deny tuition to religious school
Sep 15, 7:10 AM:

Vermont’s top education official has told school districts they cannot withhold public tuition money to schools because of their religious affiliation, issuing what appears to be the state’s first public guidance on the subject >

Signature Drive Seeking to Halt Implementation of Universal School Choice in Arizona
Sep 15, 7:04 AM:

Still, a growing number of parents demand a more significant voice and stake in their children’s education, even if it means taking them out of the system to attend a private or charter school, or home school.

Parents Can Leave the Failing Public School System
Sep 14, 5:19 AM:

It was cruel COVID-era policies – implemented by teachers’ unions, education bureaucrats, and negligent school boards – that caused test scores to plummet.

Black families turned to homeschooling during pandemic—and are sticking with it
Sep 14, 4:57 AM:

During the pandemic, the rates of families that home-schooled their children doubled, according to the most recent report released by the U.S. Census. In Black or African American households, the change was especially dramatic, >

As more families switch their kids to private school, one Boone County mom explains why she did
Sep 12, 10:25 AM:

A northern Kentucky parent provided a different perspective on a recent study showing more Kentucky families are turning to non public education for their kids.

Opinion | Arizona a bright beacon for educational freedom
Aug 12, 10:15 AM:

When Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed HB 2853 into law on July 7, more than 1.1 million K-12 students within the state were provided school choice. Opening the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account to all students is the landmark >

What ‘education freedom’ means
Aug 12, 10:12 AM:

It’s little wonder that support for policies promoting educational freedom and choice is surging, both in states and nationally. A June poll from RealClear Opinion Research found that 72% of voters support school choice, >

Report shows rapid growth in Kentucky nonpublic education enrollment
Aug 12, 9:17 AM:

It’s back-to-school time across Kentucky, and a report released Wednesday shows more kids are going away from public schools. More than 58,000 students were enrolled in a private school, and more than 39,500 were homeschooled. >



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