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Home Schooling Goes Mainstream
Mar 16, 4:43 PM:

More than 2 million students were home schooled last year. A number that's doubled in the past decade. Story opens window into why parents increasingly choose this path and dispels stereotypes about it only being religious >

Jersey Shore Or Jersey Legislature?
Mar 11, 6:51 AM:

Charging that acting state school chief, now nominated for the post, lied to him about knowing Newark mayor, one legislator threatens to use "senatorial courtesy," which means he can block Gov nominees who reside in his district. >

Better Schools Before More Days
Mar 10, 6:19 AM:

OH Gov and legislature debating whether or not to extend snow days, called "calamity days," to lengthen school year. The real calamity is the amount of ink spent on this. Does anyone really think adding a few days to the school >

Shorter Summer Vacation!?
Mar 8, 11:27 AM:

Bill passed Friday could permit rural KY district to extend school hours to make up for snow days rather than add days onto year. Creative approach is useless if kids are just getting more crummy schooling. Wouldn't be able to >

What’s In A Name
Mar 4, 6:37 AM:

Brief, very brief, blurb about nomination proceedings of new Maine education commissioner. Wondering if he made any statements or has a blueprint for direction he plans to take state. Otherwise all we really know is his name and >

WA House Approves Schools Council
Mar 3, 4:58 PM:

A bill passed by a 2-to-1 margin in the WA State House would set up a council to plan revamping the school system from pre-K through college. Gov. also pushing to consolidate state's system. Majority of students entering WA's >

Truth in Truancy, Please
Mar 3, 8:50 AM:

Responding to protesters who fear harassment of homeschooled kids, Provo, UT council at mayor's request backs off daytime curfew for truancy aimed at curbing crime by youth gangs. Ask if homeschooled kids are supposedly free to >

Look Under Failed Golden Parachutes
Mar 2, 9:53 AM:

Former Sacramento administrators chastised for unsucessfully suing twice, and now again, to get reinstated golden parachutes they packed for themselves before jumping out of newly created Twin Rivers Unified. Hard to see from >

Will The Real Problem Please Stand Up
Mar 2, 7:54 AM:

NJ Dem. Senator pulls "senatorial courtesy" card and insists acting Commissioner appear before Joint Committee on Public Ed. before being given hearing by Judiciary Committee. Unhappy legislator claims delay unrelated to prior >

Religion Safe in OK?
Mar 2, 5:38 AM:

A student's freedom to discuss his religion in homework and speeches, or general expression outside of prayer -- if a district so accepts it -- is sanctioned by a House bill, assuming it goes through. Yawn. Why is this a >

Walk Out—Not Just A Dance Craze
Feb 28, 3:35 PM:

Over 150 students walked out of class this morning and straight to Nampa City Hall in protest of two reform bills the ID Senate passed last Thursday. Same thing happened in Philadelphia when students didn't support changes. Are >

Integration By Achievement
Feb 28, 11:53 AM:

Wake County, NC, civic leaders propose plan to fix schools -- a 'first": integration by achievement rather than by race or socio-economic status. Would give each school a mix of students (70 percent proficient, 30 percent below >

Performance Overhaul
Feb 15, 11:15 AM:

OK Republicans approve moves to ensure students can read before moving up grade levels, that give schools letter grades on performance, that tie advancement in grade to reading level. Other proposals in the works: merit pay, >

Enlightening Public About Reform
Dec 31, 6:33 PM:

Uses stat on Philly school performance to launch announcement of special edition of Philadelphia Social Innovation Journal aiming to broaden conversation about education. Not enough on why this matters -- U.S. needs better >



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