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At UN, leaders confront COVID’s impact on global education
Sep 20, 9:47 AM:

With COVID-related school disruptions setting back children around the world, activists implored world leaders Monday to prioritize school systems and restore educational budgets slashed when the pandemic hit.

Leland charter school petitions US Supreme Court in continued dress code battle
Sep 14, 5:14 AM:

A Brunswick County charter school is petitioning the US Supreme Court to reconsider a ruling that its dress code violated the constitutional rights of its female pupils.

Parents have new back-to-school list amid COVID, year three
Aug 12, 10:10 AM:

Many parents — especially those in hard-hit Latino and Black Los Angeles communities — are still grappling with grief from losing loved ones and are alarmed by relaxed safety measures in schools. Among the unmet needs they see in >

MN school district policy bans teaching “divisive concepts”
Aug 9, 8:58 AM:

A central Minnesota school district is clashing with the teachers union and LGBTQ allies over a proposed policy that opponents say would undermine equity and inclusion.

Educators, counselors in Ohio say schools need more mental health resources
Aug 8, 10:51 AM:

It’s time for students in Ohio to start heading back to classrooms, but mental health experts and educators worry high anxiety levels in kids and teens could make for a difficult transition.

L.A. schools drop aggressive COVID-19 safety rules
Aug 3, 8:18 AM:

Los Angeles Unified school leaders on Tuesday officially stepped back from COVID-19 safety protocols that have been among the most far-reaching in the country, choosing instead to mirror current county requirements and join most >

School mask mandates return as latest coronavirus variants surge
Jul 28, 10:24 AM:

Mask mandates are making a comeback at public schools in Louisville. They could return to Los Angeles, after a possible decision this week. And outside Atlanta, where classes start in a matter of days, they are required for >

Mask mandates return to California schools
Jul 19, 8:17 AM: Effective July 18, several California educational institutions have reinstated indoor mask mandates as a result of rising COVID-19 cases.
Majority of Americans believe public schools on the wrong track (CER in the news)
Mar 24, 8:28 AM: They were meant to be the great equalizer. Public schools in America were supposed to provide all students – whether rich or poor, urban or rural – with a good education.
Masks can now come off inside L.A. Unified classrooms
Mar 23, 6:25 AM: Teachers and students on Wednesday will be able to see an unaccustomed sight inside Los Angeles school district classrooms: smiles.<
School on Wheels offers tutors with special focus on kids experiencing homelessness
Mar 23, 5:47 AM: School on Wheels comes to schools where there are students experiencing homelessness. They hold 45-minute sessions with the student to offer individualized tutoring.
73% of voters in L.A. Unified do not believe every neighborhood has a good school, poll says
Mar 22, 8:46 AM: Seven in 10 voters do not believe that every neighborhood in Los Angeles Unified School District has a good school — and an even higher number believes that a digital divide is holding back students from access to full educational >
Districts face difficulty luring covid-cautious parents back to school
Mar 21, 9:41 AM: Close to 700 days after her youngest children last set foot in a Prince George’s County Public Schools classroom, Monica Rodriguez faced a decision she dreaded: Should she let them return to in-person learning?
Why class sizes have been a sticking point in teacher talks
Mar 21, 9:38 AM: In some states, including Texas and Arkansas, class sizes are dictated by state law. California caps enrollment in prekindergarten through third grade classrooms but allows unions to bargain on limits in upper grades. Until this >
Column: The only way to fix Boston schools once and for all
Mar 18, 5:33 AM: A new superintendent is coming, again. But nothing would change the schools as dramatically as a lawsuit that gets city and suburban kids in the same classrooms.
Personal finance education is gaining momentum but economics is falling by the wayside, study finds
Mar 17, 9:23 AM: More states are requiring students to take personal finance education courses before they graduate high school.
How Traditional Public, Private and Charter Schools Responded to the Pandemic
Mar 16, 9:44 AM: Teachers in traditional public schools were more likely to say they lacked resources and support, and were less likely to hold live, interactive lessons during remote learning.
Are the Kids Alright? What New Federal Data Say About Child Well-Being
Mar 15, 9:55 AM: Rates of children’s physical inactivity, misbehavior, and unmet health needs shot up during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic alongside concerns about parental stress, according to a new analysis of federal data on child >
These schools did less to contain covid. Their students did better.
Mar 14, 9:30 AM: Debate continues over which approach was the right one, and the circumstances in homogenous suburban districts differ from those in big cities. But the experience of systems like Lewis-Palmer offers evidence for those who say >
Did We Forget What School Is For?
Mar 10, 10:33 AM: The pandemic should have forced us to reassess what really matters in public school; instead, it’s a crisis that we’ve just about wasted. The classroom has become a half-abandoned battlefield, where grown-ups who claim to be >



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