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Future Of NCLB Uncertain
Jul 24, 7:40 AM:

When the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly passed a new education bill to replace the increasingly unworkable and unpopular No Child Left Behind law last week, one key amendment lay on the cutting room floor.

WA Waiver Waivering
Aug 16, 6:39 AM:

Teacher eval in WA not up to snuff for feds, who may withhold NCLB waiver. OR and KS also received warnings. But problems shroud state tests used for eval -- not every student tested every year, for one.

The Success Act’s Challenges
Jul 19, 5:10 AM:

GOP-sponsored proposal to re-write NCLB comes under attack for not doing enough to protect the "sub-groups" of NCLB -- the poor, minorities and those with learning disabilities. If it passes House, it faces uphill battle in >

Hard Times Over NCLB Re-Write
Jul 17, 5:23 AM:

Disagreements among GOP an obstacle to completing Bush-era NCLB re-authorization. Conservatives want to end Washington strings and moderates concerned about charter expansion.

No Child Update
Jul 17, 5:16 AM:

Rewrite of NCLB moving forward, but agreement between Dems and GOP not in sight. GOP bill was passed by House Ed Committee and gives more oversight to state while Dem keeps in Bush-era fed controls. Both promote charters.

Jul 10, 6:15 AM:

AL releases its plan that calls for identifying "priority schools" based on several criteria.  Plan 2020 also has new school performance index. State has NCLB waiver. State Super says NCLB worked for a time because it shone >

Waiting On A Waiver
Jul 9, 5:56 AM:

WY decides to wait to apply for NCLB waiver. Can't meet timieline for teacher/administrator evals. State's goal is to streamline their accountability system with feds. Too many rules is hard to work under.

Waiver Happy
Jun 27, 6:48 AM:

NH officials thrilled they received a NCLB waiver so they can focus on the specific learning and teaching needs of schools.  Educators intend to decentralize accountability and create regional networks to help poor-performing >

The Problem With NCLB
Jun 24, 6:40 AM:

NCLB was far too punitive for NH educators noted here and forced teachers to only teach to the test. State applied for waiver and is waiting to hear.  No mention that NCLB shone spotlight on kids falling through cracks. >

Fixing NCLB
Jun 7, 6:53 AM:

After years of not addressing NCLB, 3 plans emerge from Congress. 2 GOP plans and 1 from a Dem. GOP wants little, if any, fed involvement.  Dem puts onus on states, but scripts what states should do.

Revision Of NCLB Underway
Jun 6, 4:40 AM:

Competing ed bills now in play in Congress. GOP version to be released today. Less fed involvement in GOP version, but keeps testing and attention to sub-group achievement. Vouchers may be added as an amendment.

Clashing Re-Writes Of NCLB
Jun 5, 4:40 AM:

U.S. Senators introduce competing proposals to update NCLB. Harkins' maintains testing in reading and math, including reports on subgroups. Alexander intros his this week, but says this one has too many fed mandates.

PA Test Prep
Mar 13, 9:11 AM:

As PA NCLB testing approaches, Ed Sec requests 2012 freeze on AYP to allow improved practices to take effect. Info on NCLB, state progress, waivers in other states. Some on NCLB goals, but nothing on test efficacy, good or bad.  >

MD Looks Past NCLB
Mar 6, 10:18 AM:

MD administrators optimistic about potential NCLB waiver, particularly being able to redirect funds, set different standards. General info on NCLB and other federal programs, but unclear on what MD plans to do with new freedom. >

WV Seeks NCLB Waiver
Feb 28, 10:50 AM:

WV to apply for NCLB waiver, develops new accountability, evaluation systems, with stated focus of centering around student growth rather than test improvement. Solid description of WV proposals, national context, process, goals. >

Don’t Abandon NCLB
Feb 22, 11:10 AM:

Editorial warns that NCLB waivers will remove school, state accountability. Points to problems like loss of ability to directly compare state achievement. Doesn't mention that NCLB must be replaced with alternative standards, >

NH Sticks With NCLB
Feb 14, 11:58 AM:

NH will not seek NCLB waiver, citing financial concerns. Nevertheless, NH is pursuing new evaluation programs. Could have more depth on states that pursued waivers, aspects of NCLB seen as problematic, as NH previously expressed >

WA Seeks NCLB Waiver
Feb 14, 10:48 AM:

Following a wave of successful applications by other states, WA will apply for a waiver to NCLB requirements. Solid on context, both in state and nationally. Could discuss potential student impact of planned evaluation changes. >

NCLB In Hindsight
Feb 13, 12:40 PM:

Editorial reflects on MA waiver of NCLB requirements, describes some of NCLB's major stumbling blocks. Becomes general, ambiguous when looking to the future.

Positive Response To Waiver
Feb 13, 11:54 AM:

MN school administrators see opportunity for progress with NCLB waiver. Minimal info on NCLB, waiver process, impact on schools. Quotations are uninformative and difficult to parse.



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