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Looming Evaluation Changes In MA
Mar 2, 7:27 AM:

Group disagrees with "last-in, first-out" staffing policy and pushes for greater teacher accountability in light of upcoming union contract expiration. School officials claim teachers already evaluated, but details missing as to >

Accountability—Not Just For Boards
Mar 2, 7:06 AM:

State board approves 16 new charters, puts one failing to make satisfactory academic progress on probation. Rationale behind move would've been nice -- can only assume expansion based on demand. Sound reasoning behind opponents' >

Cheating the Public With Cheating Charters
Mar 2, 6:51 AM:

L.A. Board votes to close chain of 6 charters in city because of systematic cheating accusations on recent round of state tests. Some board members and others thought charters deserved a second chance, a 1-year probation to prove >

NPR Looks at “Students First”
Feb 28, 8:07 AM:

Union challenges comes from both sides, as former DC Chancellor and Democrat campaigns against programs that are similarly on chopping block by Republican Govs.  Advocates for more choice too and will help states enact reforms. >

School Rankings in So. Jersey
Feb 25, 10:36 AM:

NJ schools receive detailed, annual "report cards," but it's reliant entirely on whether district submits info.  The Lower Cape's districts say that they are, across the board, performing well, but this is only according to >

Cleveland Science Scores Cause for Concern
Feb 25, 10:31 AM:

Cleveland ranks near bottom of science test scores for 17 urban school districts in latest NAEP results. Quotes from Cleveland Schools' Chief Academic Officer express concern and promise of a strategy to raise scores in the >

Turnaround Bill—Back To Square One
Feb 25, 10:06 AM:

Schools turnaround bill was pulled by its State Senate sponsor amid concerns the bill would be tied to long-running Denver controversies. Opponents argue bill's public meeting and state reporting requirement would overburden >

Party of One: Inadequate Charter Predictions
Feb 25, 8:40 AM:

Editorial conjectures accountability and transparency problems abound if IN passes legislation to increase charters. Claim based on one example only -- more needed to back such a broad assumption. Also, charter accountability >

Commit Crime, Stay In School For Teachers
Feb 25, 8:25 AM:

NY state law requires use of seniorty to determine who gets laid off.  State senator introduces bill to put following at top of layoff list:  teachers who were convicted of criminal charges or where allegations were substantiated >

Accountability for Indy Elementary
Feb 17, 9:24 AM:

School turns around thanks to threat of state intervention. Scores up (not clear how much) and challenges remain. What's the overall record on such models here or anywhere? Surely there is more to the story.

Unqualified DC Teachers
Feb 11, 8:02 AM:

Pummels arbitrator for reinstating with back pay 75 rookie or transplant teachers, fired over serious performance issues. Only point missing is how these teachers ever landed jobs responsible for students' futures. Need more >

Scores Not Cutting It
Feb 8, 10:08 AM:

Michigan considering raising passing score for achievement test and rethinking tenure based on student proficiency. About time to raise the bar, but what happens if many schools deemed low-performing?

Texas: Ed Money Roundup

Feb 4, 4:09 PM:

Texas tax-cutting preoccupation leaves education underfunded. Article repeats same point repeatedly: States should pay, districts have less revenue. But is money the main factor? Do your research.

Teacher Data Workouts
Feb 4, 3:31 PM:

Conn. teachers meet weekly to review student data.  But what kind of data are they reviewing? Have data teams in other schools been fruitful?

Exploring Regional Ed Districts
Feb 4, 3:24 PM:

Arlington, Vt., could be included in a study to investigate the benefits of a regional ed district rather than separate town districts. It'd be good to know if such measures were implemented elsewhere and who benefits from them? >

Indiana Raises Bar For Teaching

Feb 4, 3:05 PM:

Ind. about to pass a bill to standardize evaluation of educators and raise the bar for the "highly effective." Interesting talk about performance pay but unclear how far it will go. How do Ind. schools measure up at present? >

Teacher Unions Slammed

Feb 4, 2:04 PM:

Sharp review of the problems with unions. It cost N.J. $220,000 to fire an abusive teacher! Why should teachers get special treatment when all other jobs are evaluated on performance? Great attention to a critical issue.

N.J. Improves From D+?

Feb 3, 3:02 PM:

N.J. gets a D+ on managing teachers. Union blames it all on politics but Council pushes for teacher accountability. Good comparison with other states, but doesn't explain why N.J. teachers failed to begin with.

Brakes On R.I. Race To Top

Feb 3, 2:18 PM:

What would R.I. do with Race to the Top funds? New opportunity for reform but Gov Chafee is dragging his feet. Great reporting on R.I. but need more info on how other states spend fed. money successfully.

Rochester On The Brink Of Reform

Feb 3, 12:09 PM:

Effective opinion piece in support of Supt. Brizard’s push for teacher accountability in Rochester. Teacher unions resist the reform. A comparison with other sch. districts implanting similar measures would add a lot. >



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