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Districts must protect instruction above all else
Feb 4, 10:42 AM:

Underenrolled Wa. school forced to close for budget reasons. Focus is on "the education students get, not where they get it", but no information on how closing school was performing and what options students will have.

Whatcom County schools won't cut staff for current year budget woes
Feb 2, 2:58 PM:

Save recycling for the environment.  We know ed budgets are being cut.  Give us more on creative use of funds we do have.  Any interesting and quality charter schools, per chance? 

Lawmaker wants to spare best teachers from layoffs
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Jan 31, 2:38 PM:

Incisive article about seniority system for teachers. Was teacher union representative Lindquist asked about finding that keeping good teachers in classrooms is more important for educating students well than just retaining senior >

Bill would make big change in WA teachers layoffs
Jan 31, 12:07 PM:

Last hired, first fired will not prevail in Washington state if a new bill is passed that would layoff teachers based on their evaluation scores rather than time on the job.  Common sense.  Right?  But the devil is always in the >

Local school leaders put their heads together on teacher evaluations
Jan 31, 11:05 AM:

Explains teacher evaluations using test scores, but not the dire need for them or what should happen after poor evaluations. The elephant in the room is teacher tenure, using evaluations to improve teacher performance.

Bill looks to sidestep seniority issues in future teacher layoffs
Jan 25, 11:45 AM:

The issue is judging teachers by ability instead of seniority--a key issue. Article rambles toward a conclusion, but misses the bus. Too much dessert, not enough meat. What is the experience in other schools?

Start by reducing school districts
Jan 20, 1:05 PM:

The charter school program is all about the simplification of the entire education process, focusing more on what you can learn and less on how much paper work can you produce. It's a key priority.



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