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Charter school backers eye campus on McCourtney
Jan 20, 11:56 AM:

Grass Valley  Charter School, which operates a K-8 school, is now hoping to expand into high school, offering the same sort of teaching excellence parents are looking for.

Lee County school choice Batch 1 opens | | The News-Press
Jan 20, 11:36 AM:

Lee County is finding out school choice is a real crowd pleaser--as long as you can control the crowd. Florida is a state speaking up the charter school concept. Crowds in Lee County speak for themselves.

Fairbanks school board evaluates borough progress on secondary school reform
Jan 20, 11:14 AM:

The School Board in Fairbanks Alaska is looking for creative solutions to advance secondary education. It is great to see the school system looking at high school level career programs, it is not clear if the goal of increasing >

Gleason Family Foundation Returns to Rochester to Host National School Choice Week Event, January 24, 2011
Jan 20, 11:07 AM:

PR Newswire reports Bob Bowdon, producer of The Cartel, his documentary about education reform in New York, will be doing a Q&A about education reform and his film in Rochester.  

University High wants to chart its own path to success
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Jan 20, 11:01 AM:

Ferndale, MI, School District Superintendent declines additional funding grant for its successful University High to preserve the school's track record and avoid unnecessary interference and red tape.   Nearly all graduates move >

Charter schools fill niches
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Jan 20, 10:32 AM:

Davis City, Utah, opens Baer Canyon High School for Sports and Medical Science and the North Davis Preparatory Academy of Layton -- two of ultimately eight area charter schools. Outlines each charter speciality. (For example, >

Students test to attend top Detroit high schools
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Jan 20, 10:30 AM:

Schools are being closed in Detroit, attendance is declining, students are competing for spots in the few high schools that are left.... Can charter schools fill the gap and improve student performance?

LAKE ELSINORE: Charter school goes to county board for appeal
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Norman B Leventhal, Map Center
Jan 18, 3:12 PM:

Most charter schools struggle in their first two academic years, so it is unfair to jump the gun.  Charter schools should meet the standard set by the county, and if it cannot it should be closed, but it should be given a chance >

Union leader responds to Unified budget strategy -
Jan 18, 2:54 PM:

Freeman seeks to protect all union members despite financial woes. This is not a viable strategy. How does he propose to keep the district's ed funding in the black? Raise taxes?



District aim is improvement | | The Madison County Herald
Jan 18, 12:06 PM:

Mississippi schools are facing many of the same problems being experienced by schools systems throughout the country. Many states have found answers lying within the the curricula of the charter school program. The charter school >

Parents of West Shore School District student fight truancy charges and fines
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Alamos Basement, Woooden Desk
Jan 18, 10:26 AM:

Parents wrongly charged for care of sick child. As we try and adapt to new ways of learning, old rules need to be reviewed.  Though the fines for the charges are relatively minor it reveals a major hole in a changing education >

2011 January | Daily Loaf
Jan 5, 3:34 PM:

Director Samuel French is a freshman directing major at Carnegie Mellon University and a graduate of the Pinellas County Center for the Arts ('10). He has been involved with the Studio@620 as an actor.

West Virginia enters the fold?
Jan 4, 5:43 PM:

How has a state this close to the nation's captal remained so much on the fringes of reform? Perhaps times are changing, but tell us, oh Wheeling Intelligencer -- who calls the shots in WVA?

Tennessee blocks charter schools
Jan 4, 5:37 PM:

This ain't new, but TN still got R2TT funds. Sad. But the whole story remains to be told -- without a strong charter law they have no reason to be interested. The school board has an exclusive franchise on whether to be interested >

Education reform, Florida-style
Jan 4, 4:56 PM:

Florida's methods offer data and useful lessons for new Governors, but it's not all roses in the Sunshine state. Charters are still plagued by hostile districts and while better than most, standards do not always result in >

Funding concerns are front and center in District 281
Jan 4, 2:56 PM:

It's been all about funding in Robbinsdale District 281 this year - how to get it, how to save it and how to spend it. Early in the year, officials announced that $5.7 million would have to be cut from the budget for 2010-11, >

Proposing a united front to fix Philadelphia schools
Dec 31, 6:33 PM:

Uses stat on Philly school performance to launch announcement of special edition of Philadelphia Social Innovation Journal aiming to broaden conversation about education. Not enough on why this matters -- U.S. needs better schools >



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