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Epic Charter School board leader to resign
Jul 22, 10:22 AM:

Paul Campbell said he is stepping down from the volunteer position on Friday to dedicate more time to family, his business and another charter school he leads, The Academy of Seminole.

Tennessee launches education savings account program in Davidson, Shelby counties
Jul 22, 10:19 AM:

Tennessee has launched its Educational Savings Account program, which applies to students in both Memphis and Nashville schools.

D.C.’s changing public school enrollment: Trends by race and grade band
Jul 22, 10:14 AM:

To better understand the underlying factors that lead to these shifts, we examine changes in birth trends and changes in enrollment preferences by race.

Why Putting the ‘Science of Reading’ Into Practice Is So Challenging
Jul 21, 8:03 AM:

North Carolina is one of more than two dozen states that have embarked on an attempt to radically transform reading instruction over the past few years. The goal is to bring instruction in line with the decades of research on how >

First charter school in St. Tammany, for students with dyslexia, prepares to open next month
Jul 21, 7:48 AM:

Operated by LKA Baton Rouge, which is entering into its ninth year, the school for dyslexic students will open its doors at a new location near the intersection of U.S 190 and North Collins Boulevard in Covington on Aug. 11, >

MSCS reports over 200 teacher vacancies three weeks before school starts
Jul 21, 7:40 AM:

MSCS officials attributed the decrease in teacher vacancies to a new state law allowing retired educators to return to the profession without losing their retirement benefits, as well as the district’s “extensive work” on teacher >

Gov. Lee addresses charter schools, education in Tennessee
Jul 21, 7:38 AM:

“There’s a lot of conversation about other people’s words,” Governor Lee said. “There are a lot of folks who actually don’t want choice for families and for parents, and there’s a lot of pushback on that.” >

Rutherford County school board approves one charter school, denies another
Jul 21, 7:36 AM:

At its July 18 meeting, the board voted 5-2 to approve Empower Academy, a K-8 tuition-free public charter school, and voted 6-1 to deny American Classical Academy.

After court rulings, Tennessee governor wastes no time rolling out private school voucher program
Jul 21, 7:25 AM:

Less than a week after judges allowed Tennessee to resume work on its long-stalled private school voucher program, the program’s website roared back to life, and forms are available online for families and private schools in >

Charter school will expand to old Diggs School
Jul 21, 7:23 AM:

Now in its 20th year, the charter school announced its expansion on Tuesday. It will lease about 14,000 square feet from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, which still owns the former Diggs Elementary.

Virginia’s scholarship tax credits are an educational beacon of hope
Jul 19, 8:35 AM: Long before the creation of EISTCP a decade ago, the Congress understood the public benefit provided by religious schools, authorizing public funding and tax benefits to support them. Examples include federal Title I and Title II >
School board reviews district progress survey
Jul 19, 8:08 AM: One of the most important indicators of the district’s progress is this survey, an annual questionnaire that measures student, parent and employee satisfaction towards the educational environment at the city’s schools. >
Report shows enrollment in DC schools is down and projected to continue to decline
Jul 19, 8:00 AM: A report by the DC Policy Center shows enrollment growth stalled in D.C. schools during the pandemic and if the trend continues, an enrollment that currently stands at 87,000 could decline to 81,000 by 2026.
Tennessee school voucher program sign-up begins Tuesday
Jul 19, 7:58 AM: It’s the new school voucher system the state named the Education Savings Account (ESA) Program. After being held up by court battles over the last three years, starting this school year, it allows parents in just two districts, >
Teaching college enrollment has plummeted. The NC Teaching Fellows program is fueling limited growth.
Jul 18, 7:59 AM: Education majors fell since the recession, classroom vacancies are now soaring
School board says opening charter schools would ‘create competition’
Jul 18, 7:56 AM: Originally, proposals for four different charter schools to be located in Adams County were submitted to the Mississippi Charter School Authorization Board for consideration, but only one has made it to the final stage of the >
Opinion | Pluralistic society best argument for school choice
Jul 14, 9:37 AM: It's time to fully acknowledge the differences that we have in society and find ways to alleviate endless cultural wars. School choice expansion can help us accomplish that goal.
Education savings account bills dead as Louisiana lawmakers decide not to reconvene for veto session
Jul 14, 9:28 AM: Louisiana legislative leaders have officially called off a veto override session for 2022, leaving in place the governor’s rejection of proposals to boost school choice, improve election integrity and protect religious liberty, >
Epic Charter School: Merger creates new name for Oklahoma's biggest school system
Jul 14, 9:23 AM: A consolidation of the virtual charter school's two branches became official Wednesday. Epic's school board voted unanimously to merge Epic One-on-One, an online-only learning platform, with Epic Blended Charter, which incorporates >
Tennessee can begin rolling out private school voucher program, court rules, ending 2-year block
Jul 14, 9:19 AM: On Wednesday, a three-judge panel cleared the way for Gov. Bill Lee’s education savings account program to proceed in Memphis and Nashville based on last month’s Tennessee Supreme Court ruling upholding the 2019 voucher >



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