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Hattiesburg Public Schools welcome students back to classrooms
Aug 2, 10:15 AM:
City officials, including Mayor Toby Barker, firefighters and HPD officers, greeted students and teachers Monday morning, something Hattiesburg Public Schools officials say makes a huge impact.
Here’s how $600M in COVID education money was spent
Jul 28, 10:21 AM:

Relief funds were spent on learning loss, educational technology, building and mental health.

Town hall answers questions about new Tennessee education funding formula
Jul 28, 10:07 AM:

Election Day is right around the corner, and on Wednesday afternoon, a number of Shelby County leaders held a town hall to give a better explanation of the state’s new education funding formula.

Harmony Public Schools Offering Virtual Option For K-12
Jul 27, 8:17 AM:

Harmony Public Schools will offer a full virtual learning option to DFW students in kindergarten through Grade 12 when the 2022-23 school year begins in August.

One charter school wins Memphis school board approval
Jul 27, 8:09 AM:

The Memphis-Shelby County Schools board on Tuesday approved just one of four charter school applications for the 2023-24 school year.

Private school vouchers draw interest from 2,185 Tennessee families
Jul 27, 8:06 AM:

Nearly 2,200 families completed forms by this week’s deadline to indicate interest in participating in Tennessee’s private school voucher program in Memphis and Nashville.

Study: Maryland public school systems rank 5th best in U.S.
Jul 26, 9:12 AM:

Maryland ranks fifth overall in best public school systems in the country, according to a new study.

The personal-finance website WalletHub conducted the study and found that Maryland topped the nation with the existence of a >

Supporting teachers, new charter school on Metro school board agenda
Jul 26, 8:54 AM:

Metro Nashville’s school board will join others in standing up for public school teachers. Board members will vote on a resolution during a special-called meeting Monday to let teachers know they’re supported.

School choice debate in Alabama continues ahead of school year
Jul 26, 8:51 AM:

As Tennessee becomes the latest state to implement a school voucher program, some state officials say it’s time for Alabama to do the same. LEAD Academy in Montgomery is one of Alabama’s 13 charter schools set to open its doors in >

Report ranks Tennessee's public schools mid-pack in terms of quality and safety
Jul 26, 8:49 AM:

The Volunteer State was ranked 28th overall with a score of 49.18 out of 100, behind Kentucky (21st) but ahead of neighboring states Mississippi (43rd), Alabama (42nd), Georgia (36th), Missouri (35th), Arkansas (32nd) and North >

The Pandemic Widened The Achievement Gap In Fairfax Schools. Parents Say A Free Tutoring Program Is Closing It
Jul 26, 8:35 AM:

Since April, an online tutoring service has been made available to more than 180,000 students, 25% of whom are Latino. All Fairfax County Public Schools students can connect with a tutor in real time, 24/7, through FCPS’s >

In West Virginia, Scholarship Program Faces a Legal Challenge
Jul 25, 10:54 AM:

Opponents of school choice, after a string of recent defeats in state legislatures are turning to litigation, asking courts to block these new options for parents and students.

Florida ‘parental rights’ law leads to more responsibilities for parents
Jul 25, 10:44 AM:

Parents face added responsibilities as they receive broader rights over the services their children may receive in Florida schools.

After court rulings, Tennessee governor wastes no time rolling out private school voucher program
Jul 25, 10:36 AM:

Less than a week after judges allowed Tennessee to resume work on its long-stalled private school voucher program, the program's website roared back to life, and forms are available online for families and private schools in >

Memphis Catholic Schools Supt. throws support behind TN school voucher program
Jul 25, 10:26 AM:

The contentious TN Education Savings Account (ESA) program, commonly referred to as school vouchers, goes into effect this upcoming school year after a chancery judge lifted the injunction on the program earlier this month.

Education notebook: Edge grants, charter school meeting, school supplies and more
Jul 25, 10:08 AM:

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is awarding $8.4 million in Edge grants to 87 schools across 32 districts to enhance school improvement programs, it announced Tuesday.

The fallout over Hillsdale College, charter schools and Tennessee school districts, explained.
Jul 25, 10:04 AM:

Three proposed charter schools sponsored by Hillsdale-affiliated charter management organization, American Classical Education, were rejected by Tennessee school boards.

DeSantis administration allows Florida veterans without degrees to teach in schools
Jul 22, 10:41 AM:

The new directive permits military veterans and their spouses who completed at least 48 months of military service to receive a five-year certificate allowing them to teach in the state's public schools, even if they have not >

Founders Classical Academy wants to operate in Williamson County: 'We're not Hillsdale'
Jul 22, 10:33 AM:

A spokesperson for ResponsiveEd, the charter management organization for Founders Classical Academy, said the partnership between its company and Hillsdale College ended in mid-2021.

Epic Charter School board leader to resign
Jul 22, 10:22 AM:

Paul Campbell said he is stepping down from the volunteer position on Friday to dedicate more time to family, his business and another charter school he leads, The Academy of Seminole.



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