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State report cards show impact of pandemic
Sep 21, 10:27 AM:

While 100% of students were promoted to the fourth grade, 63.3% were proficient in third grade reading and 24.3% saw improvement in K-3 literacy.

New Tri-State public charter schools open; still accepting students for 2022-2023 school year
Sep 15, 6:54 AM:

Two new public charter schools are now open in the Cincinnati area, and schools are still accepting students for the 2022-2023 school year.

Sen. Scott leads effort to protect charter schools
Sep 12, 10:20 AM:

U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) led 21 colleagues in introducing Congressional Review Act (CRA) legislation to nullify the Biden administration’s new rules adding burdensome requirements to charter schools seeking funding. >

Educators, counselors in Ohio say schools need more mental health resources
Aug 8, 10:51 AM:

It’s time for students in Ohio to start heading back to classrooms, but mental health experts and educators worry high anxiety levels in kids and teens could make for a difficult transition.

New Goldwater Report Reveals How AZ Public School Spending Surged During Pandemic
Jul 27, 8:18 AM:

Unfortunately, these final months of the 2019-2020 school year now look less like an unprecedented disruption to K-12 education and more like the modest prologue to a nearly 2-year saga of previously unfathomable institutional >

EdChoice voucher lawsuit continues fight, dozens of orgs, schools join in support
Jul 14, 9:19 AM: The legislature’s expansion of the EdChoice program allowed the gradual development of a separate, non-public system of education, one that is shielded from public scrutiny while simultaneously funded by public dollars,” the school >
Public, private, charter and more; school choices can be tough for families
Jul 13, 7:24 AM: Miami Valley families have many choices on where to send their kids to K-12 school. Making that choice between public school, charter school, private school, STEM school, or homeschool can be difficult, but there are tools >
Judge reviewing arguments over Ohio’s school voucher program
Jul 12, 8:36 AM: A Franklin County judge is reviewing the many arguments filed in a court case against Ohio’s school voucher system, known as EdChoice.
Henry Scholarship benefiting families, but opposition persists
Jul 7, 5:24 AM: For more than a decade now, the state’s Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities (LNH) program has been helping children with special needs thrive by paying for them to attend private schools that better >
2 charter schools coming to Cincinnati in August
Jun 7, 8:45 AM: IDEA Valley View, a school for K-2 and 6th grades, will be opening in Woodlawn. An IDEA school for K-2 and 7th grades will be coming to the former Cincinnati Christian University location in Price Hill.
Stress up at school for students and teachers amid lasting pandemic, in Cleveland area and nationally
Jun 6, 8:41 AM:

About 70% of public schools nationally have seen a rise in the percentage of students seeking mental health services since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new survey by the Institute of Education Sciences.

How a pandemic public school exodus is impacting Ohio
May 31, 7:57 AM:

Families frustrated with online learning and pandemic-related public school instability are likely pulling their students in favor of options such as charter schools, private schools or homeschooling, an AEI study suggests.

Judge blocks Ohio from withholding $11 million from Columbus City Schools
Mar 28, 8:28 AM: Columbus City Schools won't have to pay an $11 million fine for failing to bus private school children.
Commentary: Cleveland charter school uses public dollars to fight union drive
Mar 25, 8:29 AM: Teachers at Menlo Park Academy come to work every day to shape the minds and inspire the dreams of young Clevelanders. They are in the middle of a union drive at the privately operated, publicly funded charter school, which serves >
K-12 public school enrollment still down after pandemic
Mar 17, 6:04 AM: Public school enrollment across the state fell during the COVID pandemic, accelerating a trend that has occurred over the last two decades.
Data shows Hamilton's co-teaching collaborative is helping bridge COVID learning loss
Mar 9, 10:12 AM: "We kind of thought outside the box and took an innovative approach where we put our money into our people,” said Andrea Blevins, associate superintendent for the Hamilton City School District. “We put two teachers in each of our >
Graham School in Columbus offers high school seniors a chance to 'Walkabout' careers
Mar 9, 9:34 AM: At Graham, Walkabout is specifically for 12th grade students who want to develop their skills and abilities outside of a traditional classroom setting, according to the school website. Usually held during the second semester, >
Teachers at Menlo Park Academy in Cleveland seek to unionize
Mar 7, 8:21 AM: Teachers at Menlo Park Academy public charter school are trying to unionize, and they're currently waiting on a decision from the National Labor Relations Board.
Bill seeks to address learning loss
Mar 3, 7:20 AM: Senate Bill 306 would require the Department of Higher Education to work with Education Service Centers, the Ohio Department of Education, and our schools to develop a training program that can be used by individuals who do not have >
Dayton-area schools invest millions of federal COVID relief dollars in ventilation
Feb 28, 9:48 AM: Dayton and Centerville are among a wave of school districts spending millions of their federal COVID relief dollars to upgrade their ventilation systems, an investment experts say is overdue for many types of buildings to fight >



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