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Mar 26, 12:00 AM

State, local educators air doubts on teacher question

Area teacher unions are joining with the state Department of Education to oppose a November ballot question that would require schools to make decisions on hiring, firing and tenure based on teacher evaluations rather than seniority. Patrick Kennelly, a departing board member of the Milford School Committee, said the success of the initiative will depend on how it is perceived. On the one hand, he said that teachers would be against the initiative if it’s just for management to fire teachers who they don’t like. “If that was the case, then I can see how it would be very nerve-wracking for teachers,” Kennelly said. “If the administration could flex their muscles like that, then it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the district, teachers, or students.”



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Mar 26, 4:47 PM:

Union and MA Dept. of Ed on same side against ballot initiative that would force districts to hire/fire based on evaluation, not seniority. Says Dept. wants more time to observe evaluations.  No juxtaposition of some students waiting, for decades, to attend a strong school with high-quality teachers.


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