Union Votes Down Contract

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Jan 20, 1:00 AM

Teachers vote down contract

Hawaii public school teachers voted against a six-year proposed contract Thursday, leaving in place a months-long labor dispute with the state. The vote was 67 percent against the contract to 33 percent for it, Wil Okabe, president of the Hawaii State Teachers Association, said in a posting on the group's website."So beginning tomorrow, I will initiate a union-wide conversation about our options going forward, listen to your suggestions, roll up my sleeves, and get back to work," he said.



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Jan 20, 1:03 PM:

Nitty-gritty of Hawaii teacher union contract, which union voted against. Nice to weave in RttT, but, really, there are more poignant perspectives to take. One example, more on teacher eval and other efforts to get and keep quality teachers in classroom.


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