Trigger Law Trying To Fizzle Parent Power

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City Journal

Jun 7, 12:00 AM

Locking the Parent Trigger

California’s teachers’ union wants a veto over parents’ power to turn around failing schools. California’s landmark parent-empowerment law, passed last year, is one of the state’s few bright spots in education. But the law is under assault on multiple...



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Median score for public middle schools on California's API standardized test

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Jun 8, 1:25 PM:

Past and present on CA parent trigger law. City Journal highlights actions being taken against parent-empowerment law that “strengthen union's hand.” Would've been nice to tell us how parent trigger legislation is panning out elsewhere across the nation. Concludes parents need to keep fighting. Go the extra step and point to ways parents can mobilize. Point out need with an achievement stat.   


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