Don’t Discount Virtual Schools

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Feb 21, 1:00 AM

The Universal Notebook: Are virtual schools real schools?

Maine is one of the few states left in the nation that does not allow charter schools, but Steve Bowen is all about charter schools. More to the point, he is all about virtual charter schools. Just imagine all the tax dollars we can save if we don’t bother building real schools, we just put the curriculum online and let the kids learn at home. So just remember, assuming he is confirmed, when commissioner Bowen says “education reform” he means “charter schools.” And when he says “digital learning” he means “virtual schools,” not real schools. But digital learning appeals to core conservative values. It’s cheap. It’s easy. And you can make a buck off it.

27 states

27 states have full-time online schools serving students statewide


Approximate number of students enrolled full-time in virtual schools nationwide

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Feb 22, 9:41 AM:

Negative depiction of ME Ed. Commissioner pick, Steve Bowen, and his support for virtual charters. Reports FL Virtual School established to get around Class Size Reduction Amendment, not to improve education. No data to back this, or claim that face-to-face instruction superior to virtual learning. Beef seems to be with political ideology of reforms instead of substantive value.  


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