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Wall Street Journal

Jul 12, 12:00 AM

Teachers Unions Give Broadly

What do the American Ireland Fund, the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network have in common? All have received some of the more than $330 million that America's two largest teachers unions spent in the past five years on outside causes, political campaigns, lobbying and issue education. The contributions—totaling more than $200 million from the National Education Association and more than $130 million from the American Federation of Teachers—were disclosed in annual reports that unions file with the Labor Department detailing their spending on political activities and advocacy work, as well as separate political-action-committee filings.



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Jul 13, 4:56 AM:

Strong analysis of NEA and AFT contributions—significant chunks of cash—to wide range of groups to curry/reward political favor. Notes discontent from some members. Probe why not give to prof dev in MI so students come out literate.


May be interesting to compare how much unions spend on professional development for faculty compared to political contributions to promote a broader social agenda.  Given the clarity of reading research, for example, there is no reason any high school student should be illiterate.  Students with reading disabilities also can learn to read, or be supported with assistive technology, so they can be productive and active citizens.


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