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May 20, 12:00 AM

Teachers much make the grade in charter schools

Most parents know who are the great teachers in their schools and who are the teachers to avoid. So on one level the resistance to evaluating teachers more systematically, rewarding good ones and encouraging bad ones to leave, is puzzling.

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  • Our current approach to evaluating students is to count the frequency of “right” answers and to ignore the “wrong” ones. The problem is that multiple-choice tests do not measure students’ knowledge directly but their ability to interpret test questions. The “wrong” answers tell us more about their item interpretation skills than the “right” ones because “right” answers can come from memorization without deep understanding or careful thought. When teachers pay attention to wrong answers and work with students to improve their reading and interpretation skills, students learn much more deeply with greater understanding than when teachers merely tell their students the answers they expect. It doesn’t matter whether schools are public, private or charter, the teachers who teach thinking/learning skills will be more more successful and their students will learn more deeply and rapidly than those who are merely told what other people think they need to know.

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