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Jan 9, 1:00 AM

State to vote on proposal for online charter schools

North Carolina children as young as 5 may soon be able to receive their public school education online from for-profit companies.



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Jan 10, 6:47 AM:

NC state board considering virtual charter schools where students can enroll statewide. But, all about funding concerns and negative press K12 Inc. has gotten without any insight as to whether worries are accurate, not to mention benefits that can come from online learning. 


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  • Sandi Bates

    There are so many unaswered questions about online schooling.  Of significant importance is the oversight element of online schooling, especially for elementary age children.  How does the online system monitor integrity of work?  Is there immediate feedback to determine tht the work being presented is, in fact, the work of the “student”?  What procedures would be in place to identify children who demonstrate special learning needs as in learning disabilities, hearing deficits, language delays, etc.  These are all learning obstacles that, left unattended, will only be exacerbated by neglect.  Who will be responsible to account for the delays?  I assume that only Public Schools will be held accountable for cleaning up any neglect caused by a charter, as is the case with current brick and motar schools.  Enrollment in public schools provides an accoutability model that insures that all children are enrolled in school.  Who will monitor mandatory enrollment?  How will family transientness be factored in monitoring online school enrollment?  Public schools currently oversee health and wellness of children., specifically, immunizations and kindergarten health will that task be undertaken by an online school?  Another matter is that of discrimination; only children whose households have up-to-date computers and internet access will be able to enroll.  If these matters have already been addressed, it would be helpful to inform the public what decisions have been made.  If not, it is way too early to be leaping into online schooling.  All these questions and processes must be addressed first.

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