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Feb 28, 1:00 AM

Parents plead for parity among Raleigh schools

Amid the controversy over school reassignment, Hilburn and York elementary schools and Carroll Middle School are pushing the school board to provide equal resources for under-enrolled schools. They want to prevent what they say will be disastrous results if the problems are ignored. "This is really an opportunity for leadership where there hasn't been any," Hilburn Principal Greg Ford said. "The time is right now to fix this." The simplest solution is to assign more students to Hilburn, but parents worry that the reduction in programs and recently tarnished academic reputation would cause a backlash. At the meeting, parents asked Tata for equal resources at the least, and preferably magnet school status.But he cautioned that anything he does for Hilburn, he will have to do for the district's other under-enrolled schools, which pushes up the budget in a difficult fiscal year. "I can't promise anything right now," Tata said, "but I can promise to take a very hard look at it."

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