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Feb 10, 1:00 AM

School dollars: Pennsylvania can't afford a funding hole next year

A budgetary shift by Gov. Tom Corbett may be good news for the state's school districts now, but it could mean very bad news in the next fiscal year. Mr. Corbett wants to replace just over $337 million in state education dollars with federal money that has not yet been allocated. In addition to that dollar-for-dollar swap, Mr. Corbett would apply another $50 million in federal funds to education spending for the current fiscal year, replacing money that former Gov. Ed Rendell had put into reserve in August.



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Feb 10, 10:20 AM:

Gov. Corbett proposed budget manuvers saving $337 million in ed via yet-to-be-distributed federal funds.  Debate about what to do with that savings the next fiscal year is abound.  Lacks views of ed spending opponents.


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