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Feb 23, 1:00 AM

Most public schools getting the job done

The vast majority of New Jersey public schools are succeeding.That should be the starting point of any debate on how to improve education in the state. Then we all can have an honest discussion about possible reforms, especially in regard to cutting costs responsibly and attacking the problems faced most acutely by poor urban districts. But once and for all, let's just drop the thoughtless, agenda-driven, too-often repeated notion that New Jersey schools are failing. Because they're not -- not by any meaningful rational benchmark. This entire effort to "reform" education in the state is about money. Education has become exceedingly expensive in New Jersey, and those costs have to be brought under control. That's undeniable. But all of this should be approached not with a desire to shake up a broken system, but to improve a largely effective one. The vast majority of New Jersey schools are succeeding and that should be the framework of every education debate we have in this state.

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