Less Funding, Teachers Worry

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Shreveport Times

Feb 10, 1:00 AM

Schools brace for the worst under governors public education budget

Some have dubbed the morning of Feb. 1, when newly re-minted Gov. John Kitzhaber proposed spending $5.56 billion on K-12 education over the next two years, "Black Tuesday." From state schools superintendent Susan Castillo, who says Kitzhaber's budget falls about $1 billion short of what the public schools need, to anxious teachers in Gaston, Banks and Forest Grove, a rallying cry has gone out from Oregon's campuses. While some – mostly folks outside education circles – are praising Kitzhaber’s hold-the-line-on-spending budget, others are insisting that, recession or no recession, the state’s elected officials must figure out a way to pay for public education once and for all.

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