Jobs Bill Doesn’t Mean Top Teachers

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Boston Globe

Oct 7, 12:00 AM

Hub teacher gets nod in Obama's jobs pitch

n promoting his jobs bill yesterday, the president said, "I had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz. He's an English teacher in Boston who came to the White House a few weeks ago. He's got two decades of teaching experience, he's got a master's degree, he's got an outstanding track record of helping his students make huge gains in reading and writing." For Baroz, his moment in the national spotlight was slightly puzzling. "I don't know how he chose me out of all the stories that have come forward," he said. "I feel I'm not alone in that situation." Baroz said his trip to the White House created a buzz among pupils at the Curley School, where the teacher lamented the lack of a librarian and drastic cuts citywide in literacy coaches, who help other teachers develop strategies to improve reading skills

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