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Jan 23, 1:00 AM

Hudson schools facing early $1.7 million gap in fiscal '14 budget

With increased costs associated with the opening of the new middle school and the implementation of the new high school schedule, school officials are anticipating a $1.7 million deficit in the fiscal 2014 budget. While Superintendent Kevin Lyons described the budget gap as "substantial, serious and difficult," he hopes over time the deficit will decrease. Lyons cited last year, saying the town received $1 million in unexpected additional state aid in the spring.



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Jan 23, 1:52 PM:

Local MA schools expect $1.7M budget shortfall for 2014. That's worrisome, if not exactly uncommon. Counting on another windfall from the state to close the gap. Wishful projections are probably one cause of the red ink in the first place.


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