Douglas County Vouchers On Hold

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Aug 13, 12:00 AM

Judge halts Douglas County school voucher program

A judge on Friday put a stop to Douglas County School District's voucher program — at least for now — leaving hundreds of students who had enrolled in private schools scrambling for alternatives as the new school year is about to begin. "The prospect of having millions of dollars of public school funding diverted to private schools, many of which are religious and lie outside of the Douglas County School District, creates a sufficient basis to establish standing for taxpayers seeking to ensure lawful spending of these funds," Martinez wrote in his ruling.



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Aug 15, 7:24 AM:

CO judge issues permanent injunction on district's pilot voucher program. Legality of public funds going to religious institutions in question. Voucher proponents will continue to fight for choice. If only state could side with vouchers like US Supreme Court has.  


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