Vote On Tax To Aid Schools

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The Sacramento Bee

Mar 31, 12:00 AM

Davis voters to decide parcel tax for city's schools

Voters in the Davis Joint Unified School District will skip polling places and head straight for mailboxes in the coming weeks to vote on raising parcel taxes to protect key education programs from an onslaught of state budget cuts.



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Mar 31, 2:34 PM:

Davis, CA, voters will decide whether to raise parcel taxes on property to protect key ed programs from budget crunch. Possible program and staff cuts seem dire, but has there been a thorough view of all alternatives? Unclear.



Layoff of 57 teachers and 12 other staffers would mean high schools see core courses limited, and seventh period would end for 7th and 8th-graders. Wonder if there has been enough digging here to make sure existing funds can't be stretched and moved around—is this an either/or situation or ballot maneuvering?


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