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Mar 15, 12:00 AM

Corbett wants to grade schools, pay teachers on merit basis

When Gov. Tom Corbett released his budget proposal, no one was surprised that it rolled back government spending. And with education making up a third of the state budget, it made sense that public schools and colleges would take a hit. In addition to fiscal responsibility, the administration on Monday announced its plans to grade schools on an A to F scale and pay teachers on merit. Acting Education Secretary Ronald Tomalis said the grading system would take into account factors such as student test results, dropout rates and per-pupil spending. Folmer and other supporters of Corbett's proposal stop short of criticizing teachers unions, which are under fire from Republican administrations in Wisconsin and other states. Though Corbett's budget seeks concessions from teachers, such as a one-year pay freeze, it would not change the nature of unions' collective bargaining agreements with school districts.

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