FL Charter’s Double Trouble

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Apr 29, 12:00 AM

Clearwater charter school is told it must fix its finances or close

Pinellas County school officials issued an ultimatum Thursday to the operators of the Life Force Arts and Technology Academy charter school: fix your finances or shut down. A stern letter mailed to the head of the school's governing board showed that the school is struggling to pay its teachers and vendors, as well as the landlord. The letter came after the firing of principal Martie Woodie this week by the school's governing board. The board learned that she had been arrested in Manatee County on a charge of exploitation of the elderly. Authorities say Woodie stole at least $16,000 from a trust designated to pay her 77-year-old adoptive mother's health care expenses, using the money to, among other things, rent a car and take a cruise. Life Force board chairman Maurice Mickens said Woodie's arrest was a surprise but that board members had been concerned about her management of the school.

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