Civil Rights History Repeats Itself

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Arkansas News Bureau

Aug 25, 12:00 AM

A new civil rights struggle in Little Rock?

So now the conservative Heritage Foundation is moving into historic Little Rock, international symbol at Central High of the first civil rights struggle in education, to try to advance this new paradigm. This is mostly about one African-American woman, Virginia Walden Ford, a native of Little Rock.



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31st (D)

Arkansas' charter law received a "D" and was rated 31st overall by the Center for Education Reform

Percentage of grade 3-8 public school students in Arkansas reading at a proficient or advanced level

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Aug 25, 7:18 AM:

Civil rights battle returns to Little Rock. Today's focus is to provide quality educational choice to minority kids. Led by Little Rock mom and choice advocate, this is chance “to put conservative ideology on right side of history.” But columnist cautions that end goal still must be improving traditional public ed—finding out how to bring some of KIPP philosophy to these schools.


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