Party of One: Inadequate Charter Predictions

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Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Feb 25, 1:00 AM

Charters: What to expect

Lawmakers intent on expanding charter schools in Indiana should look to Fort Wayne to see what the future holds. Their proposed bill would reduce accountability for school performance and insulate tax-supported operations from public scrutiny. Imagine School Inc.’s refusal to release details of a settlement until a complaint was filed with the state belies charter school advocates’ assertion that charters are simply a different kind of public school. Legislation expanding charter schools represents an end run around Ball State and its welcome demands for charter accountability. If the bill is approved, Imagine Bridge Academy will simply seek a charter from a new state authorizing board – filled with hand-picked charter supporters – or a private university with no accountability to taxpayers. Information about a charter school’s performance, its hiring decisions and finances will be in private hands, obscured from public view.

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