Accountability’s Here To Stay

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Teachers in a changing class by themselves

“Teaching,” Steve Lilly loves to say, “is the only profession where you can run into someone who’s 45 and they will call you by your name and tell you something you did many years ago that changed their lives.” Whenever I’m troubled about teachers, I call Lilly, the biggest booster a teacher will ever have. To be fair, the retired dean of education at Cal State San Marcos — and current Vista school board member — isn’t some nostalgic Mr. Chips. He’s doesn’t shy away from the toxic news. Lilly’s perspective, however, is historical. He figures we’re about halfway through the Great Accountability Shift. Ten, 15 years ago, teachers ruled their classrooms in isolation. Ten, 15 years from now, forget it. His message to aspiring teachers? “If you have a parent or grandparent who is a teacher, don’t assume the job they’ve described to you is there anymore. It’s not.” This evolving pedagogical culture — performance-anxious candidates need not apply — will attract the highly competitive top third, not the average bottom half, of the college pool, Lilly believes.

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