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Nov 9, 1:00 AM

Kan. school efficiency task force to meet

The heads of two Kansas school districts are among the officials scheduled to appear at the second meeting of Gov. Sam Brownback's School Efficiency Task Force. Brownback created the panel in September to recommend ways for schools to devote more of their state funding to classroom instruction and less to other expenses, such as administration. The task force is meeting Friday at the Statehouse. The superintendents of the Lyons and Concordia districts are scheduled to appear, along with the directors of two educational service centers. Also scheduled to speak are members of a similar study group created in October by the Kansas Association of School Boards. The association formed its task force because the governor's panel includes several accountants but no educators. Brownback expects to receive his group's recommendations by January.



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Nov 9, 12:30 PM:

KS Gov's School Efficiency Task Force will hear from district leaders. Another group devoted to study efficiency, which formed because Gov's group didn't include educators, also will speak. Inefficiency of 2 groups doing same thing not mentioned.


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