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The New York Observer

Feb 9, 1:00 AM

'Deny The Waiver' Pushes Appeal Against Black

A coalition of lawmakers and child advocates will announce tomorrow that they will appeal a lower court's decision to decline to deny schools chancellor Cathie Black a waiver that she needed to assume control of the city's schools. Since Black was nominated for the position of chancellor by Mayor Michael Bloomberg three months ago, she has faced much criticism from public school parents and education advocates who think her lack of education experience should prevent her from serving as the Public Schools Chancellor. Bloomberg had to ask Department of Education Commissioner David Steiner for a waiver for Black's application, and it was granted in late November.



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Feb 10, 12:50 PM:

Some NYers challenge Mayor Bloomberg's new schools chancellor, Cathie Black. Lack of experience, they say. Who are these challengers and what is their interest? Report the interests involved and the reason she was selected.


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