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GOP superintendent candidates took their kids out of public schools
Aug 13, 10:30 AM: The three Republican candidates who want to lead the Wyoming Department of Education all took their children out of public schools at some point.
Editorial: State superintendent hopefuls fall short
Aug 11, 5:47 AM: The issue: Three candidates are pursuing the Republican nomination for state superintendent of public instruction in the Aug. 19 primary. We believe: Unfortunately, none of them offer the kind of ideas that would reform >
State grants help distance education in Wyoming
Jul 24, 7:18 AM:

A state grant of about $250,000 will help two community colleges and four school districts, including Natrona County, improve virtual distance education programs throughout Wyoming.

Wyoming will seek part of No Child Left Behind waiver
May 29, 5:42 AM: The Wyoming Department of Education plans to ask for relief from one element of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, the agency said in a release Wednesday.
Charter school vows to keep fighting after denial
May 8, 6:05 AM:

District board's unanimous denial doesn't stop one proposed charter, as parents voice support at meeting.  Explains next steps in struggle, shows charter knew it was going to happen but doesn't hold board to account.

Report: trim duties at state education agencies
May 6, 6:58 AM: As state lawmakers debate whether to pare down the Wyoming Department of Education amid a possible restructuring of the agency, a new national report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute suggests that states do exactly >
Cheyenne schools test teacher evaluations for national study
May 2, 6:20 AM: Saddle Ridge Elementary is one of a dozen Cheyenne schools participating in a two-year national study funded by the U.S. Department of Education to help schools glean more useful information from teacher evaluations. >
19 Wyoming school districts receive student-teacher waivers
Apr 16, 6:09 AM: The Wyoming Department of Education is allowing 19 school districts to exceed the state-mandated student-teacher ratio in kindergarten through third grade during the 2014-15 school year.
Editorial: State law hinders charters (CER in the news)
Apr 7, 9:09 AM: It continues to be a mystery why Wyoming does not have a robust charter school movement. This is a state that treasures independence, free market competition and local control of schools. It also has a conservative >
Wyoming ranks low on accommodation of charter schools (CER in the news)
Mar 21, 8:43 AM: Wyoming's charter school laws are among the most stringent in the United States, a new national report from the Center for Education Reform says.
Education accountability still on track despite failed bills
Mar 19, 6:56 AM: A new accountability system to grade Wyoming schools, teachers and principals is still on track despite two failed bills on the topic this legislative session, state education officials said Tuesday.
Wyoming delays request for No Child waiver
Jul 9, 5:56 AM:

WY decides to wait to apply for NCLB waiver. Can't meet timieline for teacher/administrator evals. State's goal is to streamline their accountability system with feds. Too many rules is hard to work under.

Panel recommends stripping ed dept. of some duties
Dec 13, 7:26 AM:

Select committee calls for legislation taking accountability duties away from state Super's and ed agency and giving them to BOE. Lots of lawmaker comments and info on consultants' criticism, but nothing clearly states >

Pilot program to evaluate teachers could begin in 2014
Nov 28, 7:07 AM:

Advisory committee recommends pilot teacher eval system begin in 2014, not next year as expected, with full implementation to begin 2 years later. Looks at reasons -- need to test and review results -- and how >

Unified effort transforms failing school into succeeding program
Nov 19, 1:43 PM:

Elementary and middle schools in Fremont Co. raise test scores and end downward spiral. Describes process and changes made to curriculum as well as impact of geographic remoteness on system.

Wyoming education reform may take longer
Nov 14, 7:34 AM:

WY Board seeks to delay state's ed reform until 2015-1016. Few details on reform package. Key lawmaker thinks more time is fine. Other concerns: Too much testing; parent responsibility to get kids to school.

Committee shapes Wyoming teacher evaluation system
Oct 19, 6:02 AM:

WY committee recommends how to proceed with new teacher evals. Goal is to enhance what districts already have in place. Student performance included in evals. Part of plan in building statewide accountability system, but >

Committee advising Legislature on school accountability presents 'cause and effect' plan
Oct 18, 6:15 AM:

Short but salient on WY's attempt to develop eval system. Focus is on teacher portfolios of work. Legislative advisory panel includes teachers, administrators, principals. Takeaway: System's goal is to help students >

New Natrona County students await seats in schools
Aug 15, 12:19 PM:

One WY district struggles to find classrooms for students.  Unexpected population growth said to be cause. Officials requesting that teachers take on 1 more student than agreed to in contract.

District setting up cyber school
Aug 9, 6:28 AM:

WY districts creating its own online school. One reason for district to have own charter is for students to be able to participate in sports and extracurriculars.



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