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Connections Academy opens virtual doors
Sep 13, 6:08 AM: Among the alternative education options is Wyoming Connections Academy, a tuition-free online public school that serves K-12 students statewide. Today, students are heading back to school for the 2017-18 academic year. >
Betsy DeVos to visit Casper, Wind River Reservation on Tuesday as part of nationwide tour
Sep 12, 7:04 AM: U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will visit schools in Casper and on the Wind River Reservation on Tuesday on her first stop of a six-state tour.
Park 6 in a bind with online school
Sep 7, 5:54 AM: The issue started with a policy change in state legislation. Under the new law, students in the Cody school district were no longer counted if they attended Connections Academy, instead they would be counted toward the Big >
Dozens turn up at school board meeting to support dual-language program
May 12, 7:01 AM: They’d come to cheer the district’s dual-language immersion program, which was introduced almost four years ago. Paradise Valley started a Chinese program in 2013, and Park followed the next year with Spanish. It was a >
House kills Senate's sweeping education reform bill
Mar 1, 6:18 AM: The Wyoming House on Monday morning killed the Senate’s attempt at solving a looming education funding crisis. Senate File 165 died when the House didn’t vote on the measure by a key deadline.
Lawmakers defeat measure that would have made teacher tenure optional
Feb 28, 7:28 AM: The House Education Committee killed a measure last week that would have allowed school districts to eliminate teacher tenure programs, a victory for educators at a time of cuts in Wyoming’s public school system. >
Virtual Education Bill Moves To Wyoming House
Feb 15, 7:40 AM: House Bill 35 sets out how students taking courses online should be enrolled in schools, and how school districts will be funded when it comes to students who split time between different programs.
With shortfall looming, legislators are walked through school funding minefield
Jan 17, 6:38 AM: Facing a massive shortfall in school funding, lawmakers learned Monday about the complex web that supports and pays for public education in Wyoming and the decades of legal wrangling that spun it into existence. >
Public funds for private schools?
Dec 22, 6:46 AM: School choice proponents in Wyoming gained a new ally in the White House during this year’s election. At the same time, Wyoming legislators are drafting a bill that would create “educational savings accounts” to be used to >
Schools of choice, no questions asked
Oct 21, 5:19 AM: School districts around the state have been bombarded with requests from parents wanting to home school their children.
School board denies Casper charter school again
Sep 28, 5:53 AM: In making their unanimous decision at a meeting Monday night, the trustees cited an apparent lack of support from parents and the community, a lack of administrative experience and concerns over the $1.5 million proposed >
A plan to open Casper's first charter school is stirring debate again
Sep 14, 6:37 AM: At a public hearing Monday night, supporters of The Guild Charter School said changes had been made to address the concerns that led the school board to deny their application last year.
Casper charter school backers will try again
Aug 19, 7:01 AM: A group intent on opening Casper’s first charter school will make another attempt to win approval from local education officials who denied their application last year.
State plan promoted by Wyoming Department of Education
Jun 27, 7:01 AM: The Wyoming Department of Education has set up a website to allow people to track improvement as the state implements new policies.
Wyoming graduate rate increases slightly
Mar 29, 5:27 AM: Wyoming’s high school graduation rate climbed slightly over the past year, but the numbers varied dramatically between districts, new figures show.
Casper charter school backers lose appeal
Feb 22, 7:11 AM: State board members said in their deliberations Saturday that the Guild’s founders were not sufficiently qualified to run the administrative side of the school. The founders also underestimated the budget required to >
LCSD1 approves secondary school for Poder charter, with conditions
Jan 21, 7:12 AM: The LCSD1 Board of Trustees unanimously voted on Tuesday to approve Poder Academy’s proposal. The go-ahead does include several conditions that have to be met before the school can open.
A look back: Casper considers a charter school
Dec 28, 6:44 AM: Natrona County School District officials spent months in 2015 considering whether to allow a charter school in Casper. It would have been the city's first such school, but concerns about organization and local support >
NCSD board denies charter school application; founders plan appeal (CER in the news)
Oct 1, 8:12 AM: The Natrona County School District voted unanimously Monday evening against opening a charter school in Casper.
NCSD board denies charter school application; founders plan appeal
Sep 29, 5:55 AM:

The Natrona County School District voted unanimously Monday evening against opening a charter school in Casper.



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