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Janesville School District spending $10,000 on open-enrollment marketing
Apr 11, 7:22 AM: The Janesville School District will spend about $10,000 this year to promote itself to neighboring districts and new families who move to the area.  It's the first time the district has done such extensive marketing. >
Evers trounced charter-school proponent in election to lead state schools
Apr 7, 5:38 AM: The win keeps Evers in place as the only Democratic-backed statewide official in a meaningful office. Even though the race is officially nonpartisan, Evers had strong support from Democrats along with state and national >
Union backed candidates sweep Milwaukee School Board elections
Apr 6, 6:27 AM: A slate of candidates backed by the Milwaukee teachers union swept elections for four contested seats on the Milwaukee School Board on Tuesday.
Tony Evers sails into third term as Wisconsin education chief
Apr 5, 6:49 AM: Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers sailed into a third term on Tuesday, easily defeating challenger Lowell Holtz to hang on to his post as the state's top educator.
Race for Wisconsin schools chief tops spring election ballots Tuesday
Apr 4, 5:06 AM: A Wisconsin spring election with only one statewide race and various local contests is expected to draw 13% to 18% of eligible voters to the polls Tuesday, state elections officials said.
Madison School Board re-evaluates and approves Badger Rock Middle School's charter
Mar 31, 4:55 AM: When it addressed the contract last winter, the board opted to renew it for three years, instead of the standard five years, because of reservations about Badger Rock’s academic progress. The district evaluates >
Milwaukee Choice School Sues MPS Over Transportation CostsĀ 
Mar 24, 5:53 AM: The tug-of-war continues between public and private choice schools in Milwaukee over transportation costs.
Act 10, voucher schools on residents' minds at Brookfield town hall
Mar 22, 5:47 AM: Frustration over school choice and the continuing effects of Act 10 were among the issues raised by constituents at a town hall meeting with Republican lawmakers in Brookfield on Tuesday.
New memo shows higher private school voucher payments
Mar 21, 5:04 AM: Taxpayer-funded payments to children choosing to attend private schools using a voucher will increase an estimated $217 per-student in each of the next two years.
Merrimac charter school drops residency restriction
Mar 15, 6:17 AM: Merrimac Community Charter School will drop its residency requirements and welcome students from anywhere in the state.
Milwaukee charter schools performed better than public schools on ACT, report shows
Mar 2, 6:47 AM: A report published Wednesday by the libertarian Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty found that charter schools in the Milwaukee area outperformed their public counterparts.
Tomah weighs expanded role in virtual academy
Feb 27, 7:28 AM: The Tomah School Board, during a Feb. 20 meeting at Robert Kupper Learning Center, heard a proposal to become an “invested member” of the academy, which provides online educational services to 16 school districts in >
State superintendent race pits choice advocate, public school defender
Feb 23, 6:35 AM: The state superintendent race pits two former school district superintendents and longtime educators against each other — a proponent of expanding school choices and an opponent of the state expansion of taxpayer-funded >
WI Lawmakers seek to establish charter school for teens recovering from drug addiction
Feb 21, 7:41 AM: State lawmakers want to start a recovery charter school as part of the HOPE Agenda, a multiple-year legislative effort aimed at curbing the state's opioid epidemic.
State schools chief race tops Tuesday primary ballot
Feb 21, 5:49 AM: Statewide voter turnout for primary elections Tuesday is expected to be light with only one statewide race for Wisconsin schools chief on the ballot.
Study: Vouchers kept Milwaukee Catholic parishes open, but at a cost to religious activity
Feb 15, 6:36 AM: The expansion of private-school vouchers in Milwaukee prevented Catholic parishes from closing and merging, but also led to a significant decline in participating churches' donations and religious activity, a new study >
School districts make pitch for open enrollment
Feb 8, 7:46 AM: The School District of Beloit is working to advertise the district with newspaper ads, billboard advertising, fliers and messages on social media, according to Executive Director of Student Services Emily Pelz. >
What 'school choice' looks like in Jackson County
Feb 8, 7:01 AM: School choice continues to be a huge national debate, but it’s ramifications for school districts in Jackson County and surrounding areas is real, causing some schools to lose state aid while others have chosen to >
Three local schools join growing voucher program
Feb 1, 8:01 AM: Two Green Bay schools and another in Kewaunee County are among more than 30 schools that have applied to participate in the state's school voucher program for the first time.
Parochial schools seek to join voucher program
Feb 1, 6:02 AM: Parochial schools in Mayville and Fond du Lac are among area schools planning to participate in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program for the first time.



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