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Gap Grows Between MPS and Charter, Choice
Nov 29, 6:26 AM: MPS defenders advance several theories as to why MPS cannot be expected to do better.  One theory is that charter and choice schools get rid of their most challenging students by counseling them to withdraw after the third >
How are tax-funded private-school tuition vouchers being tracked?
Nov 26, 7:43 AM: Roughly 20 percent of North Carolina students are opting out of public schools for private or home schooling. The state's Opportunity Scholarship Program is helping pay the tuition for many of those students. Tax dollars >
Parents dissatisfied with Kettle Moraine Middle School planning to start a school of their own
Nov 26, 7:39 AM: A group of parents with children at Kettle Moraine Middle School who are unhappy with the district's focus on a "digital learning culture" and "personalized learning" are looking to start a school of their own. >
Column: 6 important lessons from the newest state report cards on schools
Nov 26, 7:24 AM: The Milwaukee Academy of Science has come a long way. With connections to the Medical College of Wisconsin, the charter school seemed a candidate to be a good addition to Milwaukee.
Milwaukee school turns out college material. But founder Howard Fuller says that's not enough
Nov 21, 6:08 AM: For six years in a row, 100% of MCA seniors have been accepted into college — from a small charter school housed in a converted warehouse with no windows and no gym. What’s more, the class of 2018 collectively earned $3.45 >
Opinion: Believe it or not, markets work in education
Nov 16, 7:05 AM: For the first time in nearly a decade, a vocal and committed opponent of Wisconsin’s school voucher program will occupy the governor’s mansion in Wisconsin.
State report cards: Voucher school results
Nov 13, 6:21 AM: While public-school teachers, parents and administrators are combing through the data to understand how their school did on the state report card, those associated with voucher schools will be doing the same thing. >
Commentary: This Building Is for Sale (but Not to a Charter School)
Nov 12, 6:57 AM: Declining enrollment has contributed to a growing inventory of vacant and half-empty school buildings in cities across the U.S. Private and charter schools often want to purchase or lease space in these facilities. But >
Column: MPS Charter Schools Work Better
Nov 9, 7:59 AM: Opposition by the union to charter schools is easy to understand, but in my view short-sighted. Instead of trying to force students to enroll in schools staffed by union members, the union would be better advised to figure >
Opinion: Parents of minority students must step up to close achievement gap
Nov 7, 8:10 AM: Dear Editor: In your article on the achievement gap in the Madison public schools, professor Jeffrey Henriques and psychologist Laurie Frost's criticism of Madison teachers for not providing minority students with "the >
Tony Evers denies Scott Walker a third term as Wisconsin's governor
Nov 7, 7:52 AM: After upending Wisconsin politics and infuriating liberals across the country, Gov. Scott Walker narrowly lost his bid for a third term Tuesday to Tony Evers, the leader of the education establishment Walker blew up eight >
Online schools and student mobility: When kids churn, scores drop.
Nov 6, 7:39 AM: Between 2016 and 2017, more than 2,500 students in Wisconsin’s virtual charter schools withdrew, got kicked out or dropped out— roughly 40 percent of the total enrollment, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis found. >
Urban League, United Way detail plans for Milwaukee's troubled North Division High School
Nov 6, 5:46 AM: Milwaukee's troubled North Division High School is expected to see a renewed emphasis on college and career readiness, employment services for students and other services as part of an expanded collaboration between >
Tony Evers would seek to phase out school vouchers, but plan unlikely to pass
Nov 2, 7:19 AM: Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers said he would seek to eliminate the taxpayer-funded vouchers that nearly 30,000 Milwaukee children used this school year to attend private schools.
Enrollment in Wisconsin's voucher school programs surge
Oct 31, 4:42 AM: Wisconsin taxpayers will spend $302 million this year on vouchers to send children to private schools, up $33 million over last year, most of that increase driven by a surge in enrollment among students living outside >
Gov. Walker's Education Legacy & What An Evers Win Might Mean For Wisconsin's Schools
Oct 30, 7:21 AM: Education is at the forefront of Wisconsin’s close race for governor. Incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker has been calling himself ‘the education governor,’ while his Democratic challenger Tony Evers is the elected >
Green Bay schools: Academics suffer when students switch schools mid year
Oct 30, 5:54 AM: Such high turnover, the annual shuffling of children in and out of schools, is common at Green Bay schools that serve the city's highest-poverty populations — families that often lack stable housing and tend to be more >
Across Wisconsin, 'emergency license' teachers are running classrooms
Oct 24, 6:26 AM: Franke isn't like other teachers across the country in one way: She doesn’t have a teaching license — at least not fully. She is one of 2,432 teachers across Wisconsin who hold what’s colloquially called an “emergency >
Your Views: Vukmir fought to free teachers from union grasp
Oct 23, 6:34 AM: As an independent voter and a retired public high school teacher who has worked in public education for 33 years, I strongly encourage support for Leah Vukmir for U.S. Senate. When the Legislature and governor fought to >
Racine Unified enrollment continues to decline
Oct 18, 5:29 AM: Tapp admitted that other school choices, such as voucher and private schools, could play a part in declining enrollment, but added that open enrollment out of the district has leveled off within the past few years. >



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