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Fewer than half of Wisconsin students are proficient in math and reading, new test scores show
Oct 2, 4:40 AM: Fewer than half of Wisconsin students are scoring high enough on state tests to be considered proficient in math and reading — again.
Funding for K-12 education a major fault line in governor's race
Oct 1, 4:52 AM: Both Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers, the state superintendent of public instruction, have staked a claim as a champion of K-12 education. Yet there is perhaps no issue that presents a >
School concerns spur passions in Wisconsin governor’s race
Sep 26, 4:39 AM: In Wisconsin's race for governor, 40 percent of voters say education is their first or second most important concern. The Republican incumbent, Gov. Scott Walker, is squaring off against the state’s longtime superintendent >
Opinion: More Regulation of School Choice a Mistake
Sep 25, 6:55 AM: Calls for more regulation of Wisconsin’s school choice programs have been getting louder. Making the claims that performance isn’t consistent enough, generally on standardized tests, they argue that government—or some >
Opinion: The education debate Tony Evers and Scott Walker should be having but aren't
Sep 20, 6:58 AM: According to McKinsey Global Institute, by 2030 about 23% of current work activity hours in the United States will be automated. The demand for some jobs will decrease, some will increase, and the largest increase will be >
Candidates For 75th Assembly District Disagree On Private School Voucher Need
Sep 19, 4:43 AM: Voters in the 75th Assembly District north of Eau Claire have a clear choice of candidates depending on their views of the state’s private school voucher program.
Scott Walker and Tony Evers blame each for lack of progress on black students' performance
Sep 11, 6:18 AM: Wisconsin's massive gap in academic performance between its black and white students is under the spotlight of the governor's race as the candidates blame each other for not doing more to address the persistent problem. >
Column: The public school, school choice divide will color Wisconsin governor's race
Sep 10, 5:12 AM: On Tuesday, the first day of the school year for hundreds of thousands students in Wisconsin, Tony Evers took part in the kick-off program at Maple Tree School, a public school on the northwest side of Milwaukee. >
Scott Walker, Tony Evers talk education, governor's race on back-to-school day
Sep 5, 4:47 AM: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers welcomed students back to classes at two schools in southeastern Wisconsin on Tuesday, each continuing to tout education as a top priority in their bids for >
Wisconsin's Rural Schools Are Getting Squeezed By Student Loss
Aug 20, 6:08 AM: In Wisconsin's contemporary policy environment, school revenue is directly linked to two primary sources — state funding and property taxes. State funds are largely based on school district enrollment, while property taxes >
Editorial: Milwaukee’s Public School Barricade
Aug 14, 6:02 AM: Teachers’ unions and their liberal allies are desperately trying to preserve the failing public school status quo. Witness how the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) system is defying a state mandate to sell vacant property to >
Op-Ed: Charter Schools Undermine Public Schools
Aug 13, 6:39 AM: Wisconsin needs to fully fund and support our public schools.  Unfortunately, we’re moving in the opposite direction.
Opinion: Destroying Public Education With Vouchers and Charters in Wisconsin
Aug 3, 5:00 AM: In the Zelman v. Simmons-Harris case, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that vouchers to religious school did not violate the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. This decision re-wrote more than a century >
Hoping for more investment in public education, grassroots advocates push to #VotePublic
Aug 3, 4:50 AM: When 250 proponents of public education from across Wisconsin gathered in the Appleton North High School auditorium Wednesday, they painted a picture of the Wisconsin they hoped to one day live in.
Editorial: Online schools offer pros and cons
Aug 2, 6:17 AM: The Ripon Area School District in June learned that the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has awarded it a $900,000, five-year virtual charter school planning grant.This is a potential boon for the Ripon Area >
Tony Evers to seek unprecedented $600 million more in special education funding
Jul 31, 5:47 AM: Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers will seek an unprecedented increase in school funding for students with disabilities in the 2019-'21 state budget, the latest in a series of announcements by Gov. Scott >
With Declining Enrollment, Milwaukee Public Schools Leaders Get Creative To Boost Student Numbers
Jul 30, 7:13 AM: School districts across Wisconsin are enrolling fewer students. In Milwaukee, the drop is due in part to fewer school-aged children. But the growing popularity of the state's voucher program that helps some families pay >
Riveredge charter school moves closer to reality
Jul 26, 6:13 AM: All systems seem to be go for a proposed charter school at Riveredge Nature Center after it received a $700,000 charter school planning and implementation grant from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. >
Despite focus on education, Scott Walker and Tony Evers to miss meeting with Betsy DeVos
Jul 25, 7:11 AM: Gov. Scott Walker won't be meeting with the highest-ranking education official in U.S. government when she visits Wisconsin Tuesday — at a time when Walker is making a case to voters that he's an "education governor." >
Special needs vouchers cost Wisconsin public schools $5.6 million in first two years
Jul 25, 4:34 AM: A Wisconsin program that allows special needs students to attend private schools on taxpayer-funded vouchers cost local public schools almost $5.6 million in state funding over the last two years, including hundreds of >



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