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Charter school's mission to get struggling students into Green Bay tech boom
Jul 12, 4:29 AM: Green Bay has officially landed on the tech industry map with Microsoft and Foxconn investing in the city. The state is also investing in a new school to help get students ready for those high tech jobs.
Editorial: Don't confuse charter schools with voucher schools
Jul 11, 5:33 AM: Every charter school in Wisconsin is a public school.The many Democrats running for governor should memorize this fact, because some of them are getting it wrong.
Howard Fuller emerges as central figure in battle over the future of MPS North Division High School
Jul 6, 7:04 AM: A former Milwaukee Public Schools superintendent, Fuller says he is not pushing any particular model, including privatization. But he said something must be done to improve North Division — its culture and climate, as well >
Gov. Scott Walker says state schools chief Tony Evers is ignoring his ability to take over schools
Jul 6, 5:13 AM: Gov. Scott Walker says Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers has failed to step up and take over failing schools. But does Evers have that authority? Have the problems facing Milwaukee Public Schools reached a >
Commentary: Did Wisconsin's schools chief receive the largest charter school grant in the country?
Jul 3, 7:15 AM: The comment came during a May 28, 2018 interview with Kai Brito on the WORT 8 O’Clock Buzz. In it, Roys took a jab at rival Democratic candidate Tony Evers regarding some of the charter-school initiatives he has pursued as >
Commentary: A new public education movement is emerging in Wisconsin, a rebuke to Gov. Walker’s war on labor and school privatization
Jul 3, 6:44 AM: The unacknowledged “theory of change” behind much of this nonpartisan activism, of course, is that once voters begin to connect the dots between the specific policies that are undermining their public schools, and the >
Milwaukee Public Schools Begin Summer Enrollment Drive
Jun 28, 5:46 AM: Milwaukee Public Schools is kicking off an enrollment drive Wednesday, led by interim Superintendent Keith Posley. He'll join canvassers as they head out to neighborhoods on buses to tout the merits of the district, >
More than 300 Kettle Moraine parents sign petition against online learning platform
Jun 22, 5:12 AM: The parents signing the petition seek a return to traditional learning in the classroom while allowing an opt-in option for families who do want their children to use the program.
Scott Walker: Wisconsin's high school graduation rate should top nation in four years
Jun 19, 5:34 AM: Walker, who in an interview Monday called himself "an education governor," set the goal to coincide with the release of a new television advertisement promoting his most-recent state budget, which gave schools millions >
School’s Closed. Forever.
Jun 18, 6:28 AM: The same scene is playing out across rural America. Officials in aging communities with stretched budgets are closing small schools and busing children to larger towns. People worry about losing not just their schools but >
Winona superintendent skeptical of charter in Rollingstone
May 16, 5:55 AM: The head of Winona Area Public Schools is skeptical of a proposal to reopen Rollingstone Community School as a charter school.
Milwaukee's teachers have a history lesson for Christian Schneider
May 16, 5:44 AM: Not only is the funding system flawed, but the rapid expansion of private voucher schools has siphoned already limited tax dollars out of our public schools. Voucher schools have failed to improve educational outcomes for >
Gov. Scott Walker hints at state action on Milwaukee Public Schools, says it might be time to 'shake things up'
May 14, 5:27 AM: As Milwaukee Public Schools are in the midst of a contentious budget battle, Gov. Scott Walker says it might be time to "shake things up" in the district.
Democrats running for governor would seek to roll back school vouchers
May 14, 4:42 AM: Tens of thousands of Wisconsin students attending private schools using a taxpayer-funded voucher could be the last generation to do so if proposals from most of the Democratic candidates for governor become law. >
Enrollment counts expose loophole in Wisconsin Parental Choice Program
May 11, 5:07 AM: Some families are taking advantage of an apparent loophole in the statewide school choice program by enrolling in the public school system for as little as one day to receive taxpayer-funded vouchers to attend private >
LUHS Board Agrees to Increase Number of Charter School Enrollees
May 8, 5:15 AM: An additional five students will be allowed to enroll in the Lakeland Star Academy, a charter school for high school-age autism students, which opens this fall on the Lakeland Union High School campus in Minocqua. >
Virtual school right fit for competitive skater
Apr 23, 7:19 AM: Von Ellm-McKenna, 18, is among the students who live within the Kenosha Unified School District boundaries while attending school online to accommodate her busy schedule. Wisconsin Connections Academy, a virtual online >
Walker signs bill to promote youth apprenticeship programs
Apr 13, 6:09 AM: The goal of the bill? To expand opportunities for high school seniors. That includes hands-on job training through Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship program which says it's part of a statewide School-to-Work initiative >
Majority of Unified middle school students get first choice in lottery
Mar 26, 4:56 AM: This year approximately 1,300 students were accepted to Unified schools through the school choice program, compared to 670 last year. There was a 212 percent increase in school choice applications for middle school >
Howard Fuller withdraws proposal to locate charter school at Milwaukee North Division
Mar 19, 4:43 AM: Longtime school choice advocate Howard Fuller has withdrawn a proposal to move his charter school into Milwaukee's North Division High School rather than face what was certain to be a brutal approval process. >



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