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'You can't define yourself by other people's limited expectations': Michelle Obama makes surprise visit to Milwaukee school
Mar 15, 7:53 AM: "The one thing you have to remember is you can't define yourself by other people's limited expectations of you," she told the gathering of about 14 juniors from various schools who'd come together for a roundtable >
Letter: Opportunity gap holds students back
Mar 12, 6:27 AM: What is the racial achievement gap? It’s an opportunity gap rooted in inequity. Students in schools are not given the same opportunities for success. Let’s call this phenomenon what it is -- an opportunity gap, not an >
Review & Outlook: Wisconsin’s School Monopolist
Mar 8, 8:35 AM: Wisconsin has been a pioneer in school choice. In Milwaukee about 28,000 students, all from modest means, receive state vouchers that let them attend private schools. So do 10,000 kids throughout the rest of the state, as >
Editorial: Evers' voucher-freeze proposal isn't going anywhere
Mar 8, 7:18 AM: As he had previously announced, Gov. Tony Evers’ budget address Thursday night called for freezing enrollment in the state’s voucher school programs.
‘Very unique program:’ MPS uses ‘blended learning’ to help young refugees adapt, study English
Mar 6, 7:39 AM: When children who are refugees find themselves in Milwaukee, they're often in the same classroom. A Milwaukee Public Schools program is helping them get their start.
Explained: How charter schools, voucher programs operate
Mar 6, 6:56 AM: Gov. Tony Evers' biennial budget calls for a cap on the number of taxpayer-funded vouchers available for students to enroll in private schools, and a suspension of creating new independent charter schools until 2023. The >
How much of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' budget will survive the GOP Legislature? (Spoiler: Not much)
Feb 28, 6:27 AM: What's being proposed? Evers, who served as the state's school superintendent until he was sworn in as governor in January, wants to increase funding for public schools by $1.4 billion and provide $600 million to help >
Rock University High School readying students for diplomas, degrees
Feb 27, 7:46 AM: Starting next fall, Rock University High School will ramp up its efforts to help students earn high school diplomas and associate degrees from Blackhawk Technical College simultaneously.
Gov. Tony Evers seeks to freeze enrollment in private voucher schools, suspend charter school expansion
Feb 25, 7:57 AM: Gov. Tony Evers in his first state budget is seeking to undo expansions of private voucher schools and independent charter schools passed by Republicans over the last decade.
EC school board considering virtual charter school proposal
Feb 21, 7:05 AM: In an effort to offer additional alternative educational opportunities to the community, gain students and generate revenue, the Eau Claire school board is considering a proposal for a new virtual charter school that could >
Gov. Tony Evers won't seek to phase out school vouchers in first state budget
Feb 20, 6:19 AM: Evers on Tuesday said he would seek to provide "more accountability and transparency" within the state's private school voucher programs but would not include a proposal to phase them out.
3 more Dane County private schools to participate in state voucher program
Feb 7, 6:35 AM: The three new schools are among the 262 schools and school systems across Wisconsin that will participate in the statewide voucher program in 2019-20, representing a 23 percent increase over the current academic year. >
In 3rd legal action, unions contend lame-duck laws taking power from governor is unconstitutional
Feb 5, 8:14 AM: Gov. Scott Walker uses a Venn-like diagram to show the powers Gov.-elect Tony Evers and himself share, just before Walker signed three pieces of lame-duck legislation that, in part, limits other powers of Evers and future >
UW rejects application for independent Madison charter school
Feb 5, 6:27 AM: The University of Wisconsin System has narrowly rejected an application for what would have been the third charter school in Madison not authorized by the Madison School District.
Column: Evers Backs Off On Killing Vouchers
Jan 30, 6:29 AM: School choice supporters, while frustrated with Governor Walker’s tepid leadership on program expansion and financing, are now in a stronger position than they were eight years ago. They have growing evidence of program >
Controversy Shadows MPS Decision On Carmen Charter School Contract
Jan 23, 8:25 AM: Should the Milwaukee School District embrace or distance itself from charter schools? That is the larger question looming over the MPS board as it weighs whether to renew its contract and building leases with the Carmen >
Effort to boost the number of MPS students who graduate from college sees mixed results
Jan 11, 6:58 AM: A 2-year-old collaboration aimed at increasing the number of Milwaukee Public Schools students who graduate from college has made incremental progress on at least some of its goals, including increasing MPS' graduation >
New charter school in Green Bay School District set to open in September
Jan 10, 8:05 AM: Northeast Wisconsin School of Innovation, or NEW Innovation, will focus on technology education in partnership with University Wisconsin Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.
Green Bay School District's NEW, John Dewey charter schools moving under one roof
Jan 9, 6:23 AM: The Green Bay School Board recently approved a two-year lease for a property at 701 Cherry St. to house the Northeast Wisconsin School of Innovation (NEW). The district's other charter school, John Dewey Academy of >
Letter: Include voucher-school satisfaction, too
Jan 9, 6:13 AM: I have no problem with Governor-Elect Evers' plan reported in the Jan. 7 Journal Times to include information on property tax bills showing taxpayers how much of their tax goes to private school vouchers, as long as those >



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