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Column: Don't miss Lighthouse Christian School's stellar report card
Nov 21, 7:02 AM: The State Journal last week wrote a comprehensive story about state report cards for schools in Wisconsin. It not only covered the schools in the Madison School District, it expanded to include all Dane County schools. >
How did Racine private schools score on state report cards?
Nov 19, 6:28 AM: Racine voucher schools draw their choice students mostly from the Racine Unified School District, which was rated “meets few expectations,” with a score of 56.8. Unified would have scored close behind Siena if it had not >
Opinion: Building Wisconsin jobs requires reimagining higher ed
Nov 14, 8:18 AM: According to a study by LendEDU, the average Wisconsin student loan debt is almost $30,000. Compare that to apprenticeship tuition of about $2,000 per year (including books and administrative fees) and consider that >
In latest report cards, most Wisconsin schools meet expectations, but urban and tiny rural schools struggle
Nov 13, 7:01 AM: The vast majority of Wisconsin's schools and districts meet or exceed expectations, according to the latest round of report cards released by the state on Tuesday.
After unapologetically teaching to the ACT, this tiny Wisconsin district now ranks among the state's best
Nov 11, 8:52 AM: He turned to his teachers for ideas. Together, and with the assistance of a two-year transformation program, they rethought the whole business of education at Oostburg, and they settled on some surprising conclusions: >
The future of Maple Grove Charter School in question
Nov 7, 7:40 AM: Declining enrollment is forcing Merrill Area Public Schools to consider some changes, which may include shutting down the Maple Grove Charter School in Hamburg.
School choice advocates sue DPI over the release of Forward exam results
Nov 7, 6:26 AM: A group of school choice advocates has sued the state Department of Public Instruction, alleging it violated state law when it released the results of the annual Forward Exam in September.
Wisconsin again has the worst gap in academic achievement between its black and white students
Oct 31, 6:03 AM: In another indictment of the education of African American children in Wisconsin, national test results released Wednesday show them posting some of the lowest reading and math scores in the United States.
Racine private school voucher participation up by more than 400
Oct 29, 7:28 AM: Participation in school choice programs that send K-12 students to private and religious schools using taxpayer funds increased in Racine this fall, as well as across the state.
Over 81 Percent of Students Snagging Taxpayer-Funded Private School Vouchers in Statewide Program This School Year Attended A Private School Last Year
Oct 18, 6:08 AM: As the cost for the private school voucher program hits nearly $350 million per year, data from the state Department of Public Instruction shows nearly 82 percent of students in the statewide expansion of the program in >
Chris Linn, 'champion' of Appleton school district's manufacturing charter school, wins Scullen Award
Oct 18, 5:48 AM: That gave Linn an idea. Newly retired with four decades of work in the business world and a decade's experience in education before that, he could become a sort of "go between" Fox Valley businesses like Bassett and the >
Cost of Wisconsin voucher programs nears $350 million as enrollment surges
Oct 16, 5:28 AM: Wisconsin students attending private, mostly religious, schools on taxpayer-funded vouchers continues to grow, driven by double-digit increases in the state's two newest programs, according to data released by the >
2,000 high school students focused on their future today
Oct 4, 6:09 AM: About 2,000 high school juniors from 30 area high schools focused on their futures today.
Choice students do slightly better than Unified in many testing areas
Sep 30, 5:35 AM: Students in the Racine Parental Choice Program, nearly across the board, scored at least somewhat better than their counterparts at Racine Unified in math and English language arts in 2018-19 on the Wisconsin Forward and >
New Wisconsin education chief's priorities: Equity for all students, investing in teachers
Sep 20, 7:04 AM: Invoking her own childhood in the segregated South and the opportunities made available to her through education, the state's first African American state schools chief said Thursday that Wisconsin must do more to attract >
Robin Vos questions how K-12 funding was spent given test score decline
Sep 13, 6:09 AM: Less than half of Wisconsin students again this year are considered to be proficient in reading and math — a trend Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Thursday called "disturbing.
Wisconsin student test scores see slight decline in both math and reading, new data show
Sep 12, 6:50 AM: Breaking a three-year trend of improvement in math proficiency, Wisconsin students' test scores decreased slightly in the 2018-19 school year, according to new data from the state Department of Public Instruction. >
Wisconsin charter school open to students of all abilities
Sep 10, 6:55 AM: Imagine you walk into a classroom where kindergartners, second-graders and third-graders are working together. The older students guide the young as they share ideas. There is a flurry of movement as they remain active, >
New virtual charter school begins classes in Eau Claire
Sep 4, 6:13 AM: While most students walked or biked to school Tuesday, a handful of students in the Eau Claire Area School District didn’t have to travel far for the first day of class.
A tug of war over who gets to use a single Milwaukee classroom spills into the streets
Sep 3, 7:12 AM: Dozens of students from Carmen Schools of Science and Technology took to the streets this week, protesting Milwaukee Public Schools' decision to lock them out of Room 11, contested space in the south side building it >



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