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Effort to boost the number of MPS students who graduate from college sees mixed results
Jan 11, 6:58 AM: A 2-year-old collaboration aimed at increasing the number of Milwaukee Public Schools students who graduate from college has made incremental progress on at least some of its goals, including increasing MPS' graduation >
New charter school in Green Bay School District set to open in September
Jan 10, 8:05 AM: Northeast Wisconsin School of Innovation, or NEW Innovation, will focus on technology education in partnership with University Wisconsin Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.
Green Bay School District's NEW, John Dewey charter schools moving under one roof
Jan 9, 6:23 AM: The Green Bay School Board recently approved a two-year lease for a property at 701 Cherry St. to house the Northeast Wisconsin School of Innovation (NEW). The district's other charter school, John Dewey Academy of >
Letter: Include voucher-school satisfaction, too
Jan 9, 6:13 AM: I have no problem with Governor-Elect Evers' plan reported in the Jan. 7 Journal Times to include information on property tax bills showing taxpayers how much of their tax goes to private school vouchers, as long as those >
Advocates on both sides react to Evers' desire to put voucher info on tax bills
Jan 7, 8:30 AM: Jim Bender, president of School Choice Wisconsin, said that when it comes to including voucher information on tax bills, context is important. It’s clear to him that those pushing for voucher funding information on tax >
Charter school would seek to engage the 'most educationally disadvantaged'
Jan 7, 8:15 AM: A school that would largely rely on students for its design is seeking to become an independent Madison charter school authorized by the University of Wisconsin System.
Evers Wants Property Tax Bills To Show Cost Of Voucher Schools
Jan 3, 6:48 AM: Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers said Wednesday that he wants Wisconsin property tax bills to show how much people are paying to support private voucher schools.
Letter: Follow-up regarding voucher schools
Jan 3, 6:45 AM: If the state wants to complain about money going to voucher schools, taking it away from districts like RUSD, they had better look at how the money is spent by the districts first, then blame voucher schools. My daughters >
Racine now itemizing voucher school costs with its property tax bills
Dec 28, 6:34 AM: For the first time, the City of Racine is telling its residents how much of their local property taxes are going to support private voucher schools in a flyer distributed with their annual tax bills.
Opinion: City should give school choice a chance
Dec 21, 6:50 AM: Some taxpaying parents in Wisconsin prefer to choose schools for their kids rather than let the government choose for them.
Personalized Pathways expansion approved by Madison School Board
Dec 19, 6:58 AM: Under the expansion, East, La Follette and Memorial high schools would add a second Pathways option focused on information technology and communications. All four of the city’s high schools currently have one Pathways >
Two years after launch of UW charter schools office, tension with Madison remains
Dec 17, 6:29 AM: A refusal by the University of Wisconsin System to release records related to two charter schools not authorized by the Madison School District is again revealing tensions between the district and the Republican-created >
Manitowoc school taxes to go down, private school voucher payments up
Dec 5, 7:18 AM: Holzman noted Wisconsin’s private school voucher program accounts for about $1 million of the district’s $19 million tax levy or 45 cents of the $7.90 tax rate. Manitowoc’s voucher aid for 2018 is just more than $1 >
Students pursue what interests them at Montello charter school
Dec 4, 7:34 AM: "Charter schools like High Marq do a number of things for school districts and towns,” she said. “The grants are nice, yes, but charters provide another option for students when options seem few and far between, especially >
Borsuk: Milwaukee Excellence Charter School is showing impressive results. 'We don't waste any time.'
Dec 3, 8:31 AM: What impresses me the most about Milwaukee Excellence Charter School is not that it got the highest report card score of any school in Milwaukee, and the school is only in its third year.
Gap Grows Between MPS and Charter, Choice
Nov 29, 6:26 AM: MPS defenders advance several theories as to why MPS cannot be expected to do better.  One theory is that charter and choice schools get rid of their most challenging students by counseling them to withdraw after the third >
How are tax-funded private-school tuition vouchers being tracked?
Nov 26, 7:43 AM: Roughly 20 percent of North Carolina students are opting out of public schools for private or home schooling. The state's Opportunity Scholarship Program is helping pay the tuition for many of those students. Tax dollars >
Parents dissatisfied with Kettle Moraine Middle School planning to start a school of their own
Nov 26, 7:39 AM: A group of parents with children at Kettle Moraine Middle School who are unhappy with the district's focus on a "digital learning culture" and "personalized learning" are looking to start a school of their own. >
Column: 6 important lessons from the newest state report cards on schools
Nov 26, 7:24 AM: The Milwaukee Academy of Science has come a long way. With connections to the Medical College of Wisconsin, the charter school seemed a candidate to be a good addition to Milwaukee.
Milwaukee school turns out college material. But founder Howard Fuller says that's not enough
Nov 21, 6:08 AM: For six years in a row, 100% of MCA seniors have been accepted into college — from a small charter school housed in a converted warehouse with no windows and no gym. What’s more, the class of 2018 collectively earned $3.45 >



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