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“You deserve to know:” 5-star charter school system has 23 unlicensed teachers
Nov 10, 7:18 AM: A local charter school that gets rave reviews from the state has a troubling secret. Nearly two dozen teachers do not have a valid, up-to-date, teaching license.
This New Choice School in Milwaukee Wades Into an Already Crowded Market
Nov 7, 5:57 AM: St. Augustine has attracted some attention, and controversy, because of its size and its addition to an already competitive educational landscape. Ramirez hopes the academy – which is part of the state-funded Milwaukee >
In an era of school choice, La Crosse area school districts work hard to get message out
Nov 6, 5:51 AM: La Crosse School District staff have turned to social media platforms to get their message out to students and their families. And it’s not a coincidence that the interest in telling the district’s story comes as more and >
Private school vouchers up, program boosting enrollment at some schools
Oct 30, 5:36 AM: More than 3,000 students living within the Racine Unified School District boundaries are attending private schools on state funded vouchers through the Racine Parental Choice Program this year, according to data released >
Number of Aquinas students using vouchers increases
Oct 25, 7:08 AM: New numbers from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction show more students are using publicly funded vouchers to attend private schools, including La Crosse's Aquinas Catholic Schools.
Enrollment in Wisconsin private school voucher programs climbs
Oct 24, 5:45 AM: Enrollment in Wisconsin’s private school voucher programs was up nearly eight percent this school year.
Fed grant for state charter schools may impact Eau Claire
Oct 13, 7:33 AM: Now, schools like McKinley and Chippewa Valley Montessori could be in line for a big pay day - a five-year grant at more than 95-million dollars, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Education.
Wisconsin gets $95M charter school grant from US Department of Education
Oct 11, 7:02 AM: Wisconsin got the largest grant in the U.S. this year for charter schools, with the state education head saying the money will go to expanding schools for high school students from low-income families.
Voucher students test similar to public students on Forward, above on ACT
Oct 9, 5:35 AM: Recently released data on school testing shows that students in the Racine Parental Choice Program slightly outperformed their public school peers in some areas but are behind in others.
RCCS Head of School: Voucher students come with significant academic challenges
Oct 4, 7:09 AM: Rock County Christian School Head of School Tim Befus said about three quarters of its voucher students are coming to the school with significant academic challenges. It's part of the reason he said the school has mixed >
Unified seeing fewer open enrollment losses
Sep 29, 7:05 AM: District officials won’t know how many of those losses are from potential Unified students taking advantage of the state’s private school voucher system until sometime next month, but Unified Superintendent Lolli Haws is >
'Handful' of pro-charter groups asking questions about creating Madison schools
Sep 25, 7:06 AM: State “charter czar” Gary Bennett said he’s answered technical questions from a “handful” of groups interested in starting independent charter schools in Madison, but there have been no formal proposals yet and he doubted >
Gov. Scott Walker signs $76B Wisconsin budget with money for schools, fees for hybrids
Sep 22, 4:59 AM: Families that have incomes of up to 220% of the federal poverty level, or about $45,000 for a family of three, will qualify for the statewide voucher program outside of Milwaukee and Racine. That's up from 185% of the >
Petition submitted for outdoor charter school: ‘Cambridge ACRES’ could open in 2018
Sep 22, 4:32 AM: A group behind a proposed environmental and outdoor learning charter school in Cambridge took a big step Monday night.
Scott Walker, Tony Evers clash over plan to comply with federal education law
Sep 18, 7:12 AM: The state plan outlining how Wisconsin intends to comply with the federal law known as the Every Student Succeeds Act will be submitted to the U.S. Department of Education on Monday, but without Gov. Scott Walker’s >
La Crosse teachers union pres. not in favor of state's new provision for online licenses
Sep 13, 6:35 AM: In response to a significant teacher shortage problem in the state, Wisconsin's legislature is getting creative. That includes a provision in the proposed budget forcing the Department of Public Instruction to accept >
Wisconsin budget proposal opens the door to controversial online teacher prep program
Sep 11, 6:25 AM: A provision in the proposed state budget is raising the ire of educators and leaders of Wisconsin's schools of education who say it would lower the quality of new teachers in the classroom, most likely in schools with the >
Budget provision moves charter school forward
Sep 6, 6:11 AM: A proposed charter school in the Lakeland area primarily for special-needs students, and with an autism specific program, took a giant step forward this week with the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee's approval of a >
Madison School Board changes charter policy after rejecting Montessori contract
Sep 5, 6:08 AM: After rejecting a contract for what would have been the district’s first public Montessori charter school, the Madison School Board has started changing its approach to considering charter school applications. >
State GOP extends school vouchers to higher-income brackets
Aug 31, 5:12 AM: The voucher plan — which was not part of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed 2017-19 budget being reviewed by the legislature — was approved by the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee on a party line 12-4 vote. >



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