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Group promotes charter schools
Feb 7, 10:13 AM:

An anemic piece on charter schools that wanders around to an un-conclusion. The ennui in the article is made more evident by the enthusiasm of supporter Tim McClung, who has to make his point the hard way.

180 days: Students deserve more
Jan 31, 10:20 AM:

Notes one reason U.S. academic performance is weaker than other nations: shorter school years. Having longer years may be dismissed due to budgets. What alternatives exist for a longer school year (i.e. virtual)?

West Virginia enters the fold?
Jan 4, 5:43 PM:

How has a state this close to the nation's captal remained so much on the fringes of reform? Perhaps times are changing, but tell us, oh Wheeling Intelligencer -- who calls the shots in WVA?



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