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Program linked to better performance in schools
Aug 25, 5:26 AM: The relationships between teachers and students were forged through LINKS — Learning, Individualized Needs, Knowledge and Skills, a student advisement model based on educational research and standards. A key part of the >
Editorial: Teacher turnover not always bad for schools
Jul 23, 7:42 AM:

Teacher turnover in the public school system costs the state of West Virginia between $5 million and $10.6 million per year, according to report from the Alliance for Excellent Education. 

Could state take over West Side schools?
Jul 17, 6:32 AM:

WV school board pushes to improve struggling school by designating it as a new school district. Presents narrow perspective and lacks data on district's struggles.

Teachers, officials working on online program in Hancock County
Jul 10, 7:51 AM: If you want online schooling, there is really only one county out of the 55 in West Virginia that will offer it this coming school year.
W.Va. governor introduces new state schools superintendent
Jul 9, 7:10 AM: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and Board of Education President Gayle Manchin formally introduced new state Superintendent of Schools Michael Martirano to the public in a ceremony Tuesday at the West Virginia Capitol. >
Cyber Academy will be a first for West Virginia
Jun 16, 6:29 AM:

Starting this fall, Hancock County students will be able to take online courses through their own school district.

Hancock County eyes state’s first online school
Jun 10, 7:41 AM:

Hancock County, WV agreed to grant funding to online school, signs point to helping increase graduation rate.  Summarizes rest of school board meeting thoroughly but offers little analysis.

Teachers unions outraged after Tomblin vetoes planning period bill
Apr 3, 7:16 AM: Officials from West Virginia’s teachers unions are outraged after Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed a bill that would have given teachers more control over how they spend their planning periods.
Editorial: Don’t further tie hands of school principals
Mar 17, 5:45 AM: It's been covered so many times before. The report completed in January 2012 by Public Works LLC after its comprehensive audit of West Virginia's education system put it bluntly: "West Virginia has one of the most highly >
Teacher pay still a factor
Mar 13, 6:39 AM: In Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's State of the State address in January he said he would work to make starting teachers' salaries more competitive with neighboring states. He proposed a 2 percent pay raise for all teachers and >
Online learning system could end school snow days
Mar 5, 7:28 AM:
A digital learning initiative in WV is fighting snow days by treating learning as a 24/7 undertaking.  The online system may be difficult for the rural and poor state.
State names new school innovation zones
Nov 15, 6:37 AM:

In a state effort to improve learning and achievement, the WV state Board of Education has implemented a waiver to state policies and grant money if districts are labeled as "innovation zones".  These zones will provide >

High school graduates could save state money
Sep 16, 5:51 AM:

According to a new study, WV could save $100 million in crime-related costs if it raised the graduation rate by 5%.  Being a dropout does not necessarily mean you will commit crimes, but sociologically the trends tie >

Board updated on education reform
Aug 15, 9:40 AM:

The state Board of Ed congratulates teachers who continue to raise achievement despite high poverty rates, and sticks to their goal of having all students read on grade level by the third grade.  West Virginia is finding >

Home school numbers increasing
Aug 15, 9:27 AM:

In WV the number of parents looking to home school their children has increased, but the attendance director has been cutting the amount of homeschool privileges he hands out.  This is due to a failure by parents to meet >

Cabell teachers get special training
Jul 29, 1:13 PM:

Paid teacher training held primarily to prepare teachers for new Common Core standards that seek deeper learning of fewer subjects. Substantial focus given to capability of iPads to assist teachers to encourage critical >

Money is on the way for Head Start Program
Jul 16, 3:19 PM:

WV legislators announced that the Head Start program in Greenbrier County will receive $1 million in federal funding. The funding signfies a continued commitment to making sure low income children have access to health >

Property Tax Fallout to Impact Lincoln County Schools
Jul 3, 11:16 AM:

Lincoln County failed to raise property tax, state forced to contribute more to school funding. State set to chip in less for school funding. Decision will impact school budgets as schools are largely funded by property >

Hince, New Administration Team Take Over Marshall County Schools
Jul 2, 11:06 AM:

New Super Michael Hince begins work to improve Marshal County Schools through critical thinking based instruction. Mentions past admin but yet to identify reasons for their struggle.

Staff efforts lead turnabout of Herbert Hoover into School of Excellence
Jun 17, 1:20 PM:

A WV high school experiences a complete turnaround in morale and achievement due to teacher-led efforts. Top-down rules and mandates, the principal says, often do not include valuable input of teachers and students in >



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