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Charter school bill passed
Mar 3, 7:13 AM: After nearly two hours of debate, the state Senate passed a bill that will enable public charter schools in West Virginia. The vote fell exactly along party lines, 18-16.
House votes to repeal Common Core
Mar 2, 10:23 AM:

House votes to repeal Common Core State Standards. Vote comes day after State Board of Education signals support for Common Core. Opponents criticize aligned content, supporters warn of costly transition and review >

West Virginia Senate Committee Holds Charter School Bill for a Day
Feb 27, 6:27 AM: Sen. Dave Sypolt, R-Preston, chair of the Senate Education Committee, requested the bill, which calls for the creation of charter schools, be held for one day and remain on third reading. The Senate unanimously agreed with >
Procedural maneuvers spark battle: Charter school debate ignites Senate uproar
Feb 25, 6:44 AM: A day after Senate Democrats thought they’d effectively killed legislation that would create public charter schools in West Virginia, Republicans retaliated with an obscure Senate rule of their own.
Democrats nix charter schools bill in surprise WV Senate vote
Feb 24, 8:06 AM: Democrats exploited the absence of three Republican senators on Monday by voting down a bill that would have authorized county school boards to form charter schools in West Virginia.
Charter school bill still in Senate with less than 3 weeks left in session
Feb 23, 7:38 AM: The possible creation of charter schools is one of the many issues still pending at the State House as the end of the 2015 Regular Legislative Session looms.  As of Monday, less than three weeks remain before the close of >
Support for charter schools mixed
Feb 20, 12:23 PM: Any substantial interest in creating public charter schools on a local level appears to be minimal even as a bill to allow them in the Mountain State advances through the West Virginia Legislature.
Senate Education Committee approves charter schools bill
Feb 18, 7:10 AM: The West Virginia Senate Education Committee finally approved a charter schools bill Tuesday night, moving past an issue that appeared on its agenda a dozen times.
Lawmakers continue to refine charter schools legislation
Feb 13, 7:41 AM: Attempts to further refine the particulars of a charter school bill, which has been discussed for more than two weeks and remains the Senate Education Committee’s top priority, continued once again on Thursday. >
Senate charter school bill stalls
Feb 11, 7:17 AM: A state Senate bill that would authorize county school boards to form charter schools in West Virginia has stalled in committee, but legislators are certain it will make it to the floor in the next week.
Union Against Charter Schools
Feb 9, 7:26 AM: The union that represents school bus drivers, custodians, maintenance and other school support personnel is opposing a proposal before the Legislature to establish charter schools in West Virginia.
Teachers fight West Virginia charter school proposal
Feb 6, 7:48 AM: A battle is brewing in West Virginia over a proposal for charter schools. Senate bill 14 would allow publicly funded charter schools to the state, one of eight states that does not allow charter schools.  Another proposal >
Union members rally in Charleston, criticize new leadership's agenda
Feb 5, 6:13 AM: Among the 14 tandem bills in both chambers, Republicans are looking to pass a right to work law, repeal the state's prevailing wage and establish charter schools.
Charter school hearing splits interest groups
Jan 29, 7:02 AM: Business interests and union groups fell on opposite sides of a debate Wednesday over whether to allow public charter schools in West Virginia.
W.Va. Legislature dives into charter schools debate
Jan 28, 5:25 AM: The now-Republican-controlled West Virginia Legislature is considering allowing charter schools in the state, but teachers’ unions are criticizing the effort and questioning the need.
Bills aim to give county school boards more flexibility
Jan 26, 7:44 AM: The House Education Committee will soon take up legislation chairwoman Amanda Pasdon says could change the course of education in West Virginia.
State school superintendent pushes plan to success
Oct 9, 5:19 AM: New state Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Martirano laid out a six-step plan Wednesday on how he intends to move forward over the next few months. It was Martirano’s first meeting since he began the job in >
W.Va. school reform ‘stars aligned’: Plan puts RESAs in charge of management, money
Sep 12, 5:40 AM: The West Virginia Board of Education is considering major reform for the state’s school system, which would change the way local school districts operate.
State education board eyeing Hancock ‘Cyber Academy’ online curriculum
Sep 11, 6:51 AM: The West Virginia Board of Education is closely monitoring online courses being offered to students in Hancock County with hopes it can replicate the program statewide if it becomes successful.
Program linked to better performance in schools
Aug 25, 5:26 AM: The relationships between teachers and students were forged through LINKS — Learning, Individualized Needs, Knowledge and Skills, a student advisement model based on educational research and standards. A key part of the >



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