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Editorial: WV’s own border wall needs to tumble down
Feb 27, 6:09 AM: Only hours after the state’s teachers and school service personnel unions called a strike last week, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten flew in to rally striking teachers and preach the evils of >
Letter: Teachers' unions run WV public school
Feb 26, 6:23 AM: Last Wednesday, Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association, one of three school workers unions, decided that schools in West Virginia would be open on Thursday. He decided and he announced it. It was >
Column: Explaining Education Bill
Feb 26, 6:18 AM: The misinformation that was propagated by the unions was such a disservice to children, parents, county boards and teachers in my district. Everybody but the union leaders loses.
Opinion: West Virginia loses fight to union to empower children who need choice most
Feb 26, 5:53 AM: In theory, a state’s school system might be so universally excellent that it has no need to consider offering its students school choice. In reality, no such state exists. And West Virginia doesn’t even come close. >
W.Va. House overwhelmingly passes teacher pay raise bill
Feb 25, 5:57 AM: But earlier in the legislative session, the pay raise was bundled with other provisions such as charter schools, education savings accounts, more county school board control over levy rates, a base of at least 1,400 >
Commentary: Senate Republicans cool to stand-alone teacher pay raise bill
Feb 22, 6:16 AM:

Teachers on the picket lines said they would forgo the pay raise to make sure that charter schools and ESAs do not get a foothold in the state, and that teachers with seniority are insulated from layoffs. Senate >

West Virginia Teachers Walk Out (Again) and Score a Win in Hours
Feb 21, 8:26 AM: The teachers’ movement started with cries for better pay and benefits for educators, and more funding for schools and classrooms. It has evolved into a revolt against the argument that has driven the bipartisan education >
Unions call end to strike; teachers returning to classrooms Thursday
Feb 21, 7:31 AM: The statewide education strike will end after two days following the House of Delegates opting not to act Wednesday on the omnibus legislation that angered teachers unions.
Parents divided as 97 percent of Putnam Co. students stay home
Feb 21, 6:08 AM: It's the only county in West Virginia where school was not canceled Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s also the only place where striking teachers will not get paid.
Editorial: Union on strike call: ‘We are left no other choice’
Feb 21, 6:01 AM: How ironic that in announcing the illegal strike of public school teachers and education service workers Monday evening in front of the Senate chambers at the State Capitol, union chief Fred Albert stated: “We are left >
Review & Outlook: Teachers Strike to Kill Student Choice
Feb 20, 9:02 AM: Readers who still think teachers are striking over money should look at what just happened in West Virginia. A year after the state’s 20,000 teachers struck to get a 5% pay raise and no reductions in rich benefits, they >
Education strike to continue Wednesday
Feb 20, 8:49 AM: Hours after the West Virginia House of Delegates moved to indefinitely postpone action on the education omnibus bill, union leaders announced their strike will continue to a second day.
Editorial: A setback, not a defeat for better W.Va. schools
Feb 20, 6:47 AM: The unions are too powerful. The bureaucracy is too entrenched. The fear of change is too paralyzing. Maybe today, but not forever. Look around the country and you’ll see the same thing that West Virginia teachers unions >
West Virginia House of Delegates Shelves Education Bill
Feb 20, 6:32 AM: The House voted 53-45 Tuesday morning to postpone indefinitely any action on the Senate amendment to Senate Bill 451, the education omnibus bill, which would have restored a limited number of education savings accounts and >
Union leaders call for statewide public school workers strike beginning Tuesday
Feb 19, 6:14 AM: That bill angered school workers because it would’ve allowed unlimited charter schools to form in West Virginia, which currently has none, and would’ve provided public money for private-, online- and home-schooling and >
Commentary: Teachers jump the gun on strike call
Feb 19, 5:51 AM: West Virginia school teachers have called for a statewide strike starting Tuesday—the second strike in as many years–shutting down the state’s schools. The strike call came Monday afternoon after word circulated that >
Editorial: Omnibus education bill a great start toward reform
Feb 19, 5:48 AM: If ever parents of school-aged kids and state taxpayers were looking for another good reason to support school choice in West Virginia, striking public school teachers and service personnel just gave them a strong one. >
Commentary: Teacher unions, Dems winning education debate
Feb 15, 7:30 AM: Yes, the public hearings were dominated by teachers who believe charter schools will undermine traditional public schools. However, there were also a number of West Virginians who spoke in favor of more school choice. >
West Virginia House of Delegates sends education reform package back to Senate
Feb 15, 7:01 AM: The West Virginia House of Delegates passed a shrunk-down education reform package Thursday, sending the bill back to the Senate and a likely conference committee to iron out differences.
Joe Nathan: Charter schools can improve students' lives
Feb 14, 6:05 AM: That experience is part of the reason why, since 1971, the number of charters has grown from one school in one state, enrolling less than 75 students, to 44 states, more than 7,000 schools and three million students. It’s >



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