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WV lawmakers hear about policies on teacher seniority, school vouchers
Sep 19, 5:17 AM: Reducing the role of seniority in teacher layoff decisions, and allowing families to put public school funding toward private schooling and home schooling, were both concepts that school employee unions opposed and that >
West Virginia authorizes online public schooling
Apr 28, 6:16 AM: West Virginia has authorized its county school boards to offer virtual school, where students in kindergarten through high school can learn online.
WV Legislature passes home-school, virtual education bills
Apr 10, 6:13 AM: Lawmakers Saturday completed legislation giving home-schoolers access to public vocational education centers, giving them access to public school sports and allowing county public school systems to offer home-schoolers and >
WV House Ed passes bill to expand online classes, allow online diplomas
Apr 5, 6:38 AM: The House Education Committee on Tuesday passed a bill that would allow West Virginia county school systems to offer full-time K-12 virtual education and “an online pathway for earning a high school diploma,” while also >
WV Senate Ed passes bills to cut $79M, allow vouchers, tax credits
Mar 27, 5:13 AM: West Virginia’s Senate Education Committee on Thursday night passed a bill that would cut state funding to public education next fiscal year by about $79 million but newly authorize county school boards to raise regular >
Poll finds W.Va. residents want school choice
Mar 10, 7:08 AM: West Virginians want more control over education spending and more choice in where they send their children to school, according to a statewide poll.
Surrounding states promote advancement of charter schools, sharing positive aspects
Feb 13, 5:53 AM: The charter school movement hasn’t taken hold yet in West Virginia. But it has in most other places: West Virginia is just one of seven states where charter schools aren’t operating in some form, including every bordering >
Mon BOE talks charter schools
Jan 30, 8:31 AM: While meeting with state legislators, the Monongalia County Schools Board of Education delivered their concerns over the possibility of charter schools or a school voucher system in West Virginia.
As WV public schools struggle, GOP leaders talk up other options
Jan 9, 6:04 AM: Though details of possible bills are vague, some Republicans are suggesting the GOP-controlled Legislature will again this year consider legislation that would support educational options outside of the traditional >
WV lawmakers hear about possible school voucher legislation
Dec 6, 6:24 AM: West Virginia lawmakers heard Monday about possible legislation that would benefit families of homeschool and private school students, including “Education Savings Accounts” that could give families public money to pay >
Charter schools could face hurdles in WV
Feb 15, 6:57 AM: A bill seeking to allow charter schools in West Virginia is raising questions about whether they would bring educational improvements seen elsewhere to local public school systems that are already struggling with finances >
Bill allowing public charter schools expected to be debated again
Jan 26, 7:09 AM: One of the most controversial bills from last year’s legislative session is expected to be back on the table this week.
Fayette County schools imbroglio divides the communities, officials
Dec 31, 8:37 AM: Fayette County residents can agree on one thing — something must be done to fix the county-wide school facility crisis.
Chamber of Commerce talks charter schools in W.Va.
Dec 4, 7:07 AM: West Virginia is one of seven states in the country that does not allow public charter schools as a form of education.
Students taking virtual courses face early deadline
Mar 26, 7:26 AM: High school students interested in taking online classes offered through the West Virginia Department of Education’s Virtual School program this year will need to sign up by Tuesday or find another way to pay for their >
Governor Leery Of Charter Schools for West Virginia
Mar 24, 6:49 AM: That had been a big Republican push, to get charter schools. West Virginia is a little bit different. Most of the places that have charter schools across the country have bigger metropolitan areas than we do. Being a rural >
Task force to study charter schools
Mar 16, 6:42 AM: A resolution Democrats say was “prepared rather hastily” will create a task force to study the implementation of charter schools.
Bill would provide raises to teachers in low performing schools
Mar 12, 6:49 AM: Teachers at low performing schools in West Virginia are set to receive a pay raise after the state Senate approved a House bill on Wednesday.
Beallsville Group Pursues Second Chance for School
Mar 10, 6:29 AM: A group formed in response to the closure of Beallsville High School will pursue forming a charter school in the community.
GOP: Local control amendment tipped charter school vote
Mar 4, 7:51 AM: A handful of state Senate Republicans say they voted for charter schools legislation Monday only after a significant change was made to the bill.



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